16 reprimands against autoposers – 200 checked


Based on their own observations and thanks to reports from the population, the canton police detected a high volume of vehicles in the port area from Saturday to Sunday.  The refore, between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m., several traffic controls were carried out on the access and departure routes, as the canton police announced on Sunday.

Twelve drivers were reported for unauthorized technical changes to the vehicle. You also have to present your vehicle again. One driver each was shown because of strong acceleration and causing noise as well as because of using the mobile phone while driving. Earlier in the evening, a patrol of the traffic police in the port area reported two drivers, one for improperly using dealer signs, the other for driving a disused vehicle.

200 vehicles checked

During the two-hour campaign, around 200 vehicles were inspected either by visual inspection or by detailed vehicle inspection, of which around 90 were registered in Basel-Stadt, around 90 outside the canton and around 20 in Germany. Two vehicle drivers received fines for not wearing seat belts. © www.de24.news The  controls ended after the majority of the vehicles left.

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reprimands autoposers checked


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