19 – Gass considers strict lockdown no longer necessary


 The  situation in the intensive care units and in the hospitals has “noticeably relaxed”, according to the assessment of the upcoming DKG managing director Gerald Gaß. While almost 6,000 intensive care patients were treated in the clinics at the beginning of January, there are now 3,000, said Gaß in the daily newspaper “Welt”. “We are now at a point where we can say: We are not overloaded.”

With a look at the virus mutations abroad, Gaß urges prudence. Denmark and Switzerland would have a share of 50 percent of the British mutation in new infections and still no jump in the numbers. “Even if the numbers suddenly rise here – which I don’t believe – we could react quickly,” said Gaß. In this context, he is also in favor of easing the lockdown. © www.de24.news

 The  vaccinations protected against bottlenecks in the hospital and older patient groups against severe or fatal courses. “We could live with an incidence of 50 or 70 in this situation and allow easing without overloading the clinics.” Specifically, Gaß names educational institutions, but also cultural events and gastronomy – “provided that hygiene concepts are also applied there”.

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Gass considers strict lockdown longer


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