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After the UN pizza chain from Halle / Saale was sold to Papa John’s Germany in the summer of 2019, the corona pandemic prevented the start of Germany last spring. In these days, the first three of the previous 13 UN pizza locations in Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony are being rebuilt in Magdeburg, with Halle, Leipzig and Merseburg to follow in spring and summer. With the opening next Friday, the starting signal for the new franchise concept will also be given, so that Papa John’s products will then be presented in other cities in Germany.

Frithjof Heinz, Managing Director of PJ Germany on the takeover: “ The  previous Uno Pizza brand has been established in Central Germany for over 25 years, Papa John’s has even been active on the world market for almost 40 years. With the know-how of Papa John’s and the tried and tested Uno products and recipes, we can respond even better to customer requests and successfully launch the Papa John’s brand in Germany. “

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 The  global products include Super Papa Pizza, Philly Cheesesteak and Papadia – a mixture of pizza and sandwich – as a current new development. But regular UN customers will also find the previous bestsellers in the new menu. Papa John’s was founded in 1984 in the USA. With over 5,000 branches, the chain is currently the third largest delivery service provider worldwide.

Christopher Wynne, co-owner and CEO of PJ Western, to which PJ Germany belongs, adds: “With our experience and knowledge from the other markets, we are able to offer a better pizza in Germany and also guarantee a more attractive customer experience.”

Although the focus of the offerings is on all types and sizes of pizza, the menu also includes pasta, snacks, salads, desserts and drinks.

PJ Germany is also now looking for franchisees who want to restructure their restaurant together and reopen it as Papa John’s. Over 80 percent of all restaurants worldwide at Papa John’s are operated by franchisees. Frithjof Heinz: “Our goal is to open 250 new Papa John’s restaurants in Germany in the next seven years.”

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pizza locations focus daily menu


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