3-1 derby victory: The “Falcons” make big prey against the GAK – 2nd division

3-1 derby victory: The

On the 15th matchday, KSV 1919 met GAK 1902 in the HPYBET 2nd league. © www.de24.news The  GAK had problems in the game the entire season. Suma sumarum, the Kapfenberg derby victory is okay. With that the KSV’ler made a considerable leap up in the table. How the gaps are very close in general. So the “red devils” are still fully involved in the promotion business despite the bankruptcy.


(Seconds before the half-time whistle Levan Eloshvili marked the goal for Kapfenberger 2: 1)

KSV with a very pleasant performance

© www.de24.news The  “Steirerderby” is given a lot of importance in many places. Is it possible for the Kapfenbergers who play the first spring game, as well as for the “red jackets”, for valuable points. At KSV is at home so far only one victory to book, while the GAK succeeds again and again in delivering strong abroad. Right from the start, both teams made it clear that they were on the point of getting three points. Which, in view of the table constellation, also seems quite understandable. 11th minute: Tobias Mandler serves Leo Mikić professionally. But the 23-year-old Croatian in the “Falken” dress cannot capitalize on this first chance in the game. But in the 16th minute it works for the Kapfenberger. Mikić curves around Pfeifer and Gantschnig, the conclusion also fits – 1-0. © www.de24.news The  Plassnegger troop may play a sizeable attack game, but they keep a low profile when creating opportunities. Only in the 22nd minute do the guests get the first significant opportunity to score with a useful header. In the counterattack, it is the new Leo Mikić, who causes unrest in the Graz penalty area. But in the 35th minute, the “red jackets” manage to equalize. Thomas Fink unselfishly plays Dominik Hackinger, who promotes the leather to equalize 1: 1 over the goal line. With this hit comes life into the game of the GAK’ler. 43rd Minute: Hackinger with the pass to Petar Zubak, there are only centimeters missing to 1: 2. 45th minute: Mario Grgic sends Levan Eloshvili on the trip. © www.de24.news

 The  23-year-old Georgian then did everything right on his own – half-time score: 2: 1

© www.de24.news The  GAK finds no ways and means

Grazers wisely did not put all their cards on the table in the first half. That is why it will be interesting to see whether the “red devils” will find their way back into the game, or whether the landlord will continue to deliver strong. Immediately after the restart, Mikić runs off the Graz defensive department again. In the final analysis, however, this time it turns out to be too inefficient. © www.de24.news

 The  GAK is working hard to get more game shares. But what the Upper Styrians know how to prevent with a compact appearance. 53rd Minute: Leo Mikić has the seemingly safe 3: 1 at his feet (Assist: Michael Lang). But keeper Christoph Not can just intervene to clarify. On the other hand, it is goalkeeper Franz Stolz who can excel when a Perchtold shot is deflected. 61st Minute: © www.de24.news

 The  game now sways back and forth: goalscorer Eloshvili does not put the goalkeeper to the test. Shortly afterwards, Perchtold and Fink find the opportunities to make it 2-2, but Keeper Stolz grabs firmly. In the 72nd minute the hat is on fire again in the GAK penalty area. Substitute Paul Mensah does not find his master in Tormann. So the troops from the capital are starting to run out of time. © www.de24.news

 The  efforts are continued, Perchtold still sees the yellow / red card (87th), but this time the GAK was not enough. © www.de24.news

 The  KSV success is sealed in injury time. Marvin Hernaus, who has just entered the game, marks the 3-1 final score in the 95th minute. In the next round, the Kapfenbergers will be on Sunday, February 28th at 10:30 a.m. in Innsbruck. As early as next Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. there will be an addendum in Dornbirn for the Upper Styrians. For the GAK 1902 it is valid on Saturday with the start time at 2:30 p.m., also in Dornbirn.


Franz Fekete Stadium, no spectators, SR: Gerhard Grobelnik (Vienna)

KSV 1919: Stolz, Kvakic, Steinlechner, N’Zi, Mandler, Grgic (65th Mensah), Eloshvili (91st Musija), Heric, Sylla, Lang, Mikic (84th Hernaus)

GAK 1902: Not, Palla (88th count), Pfeifer, Gantschnig, Weberbauer (60th Gabbichler), Schellnegger (60th Kozissnik), Nutz (88th Tschernegg), Hackinger, Perchtold, Fink (82nd Asemota), Zubak

Goal sequence: 1: 0 (16. Mikic), 1: 1 (35. Hackinger), 2: 1 (45. Eloshvili), 3: 1 (95. Hernaus)

Yellow cards: Eloshvili or Nutz, Perchtold, Zubak

Yellow / red card: Perchtold (87. GAK)

strongest players: Proud, N’zi, Mikić or not, Hackinger

Voice of the game:

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Photocredit: Richard Purgstaller

by: Ligaportal/Roo

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