3.8 million saw the Ski World Cup on ORF – 1.5 million in the final men’s slalom

3.8 million saw the Ski World Cup on ORF - 1.5 million in the final men's slalom

Biathlon: Almost 700,000 in Lisa Hauser’s World Championship gold; Next winter sports highlight: 60 hours of Nordic World Ski Championships in Oberstdorf live on ORF 1

Vienna (OTS) From a domestic perspective, the Alpine World Ski Championships in Cortina ended with the men’s slalom on February 21, 2021. Up to 1.529 million sports fans saw the decisive second round, an average of 1.293 million with a 65 percent market share (61 or 64 percent in the young target groups) via ORF 1. Overall, during the two weeks of the World Cup, the roughly 60 hours of live broadcasts on ORF 3.784 million (widest audience) sports fans, which corresponds to 50 percent of domestic TV households aged 12 and over. © www.de24.news The  men’s descent achieved the top value with an average of 1.340 million (68 percent MA), followed by the men’s slalom with 1.293 million (65 percent MA) and the women’s slalom with 1.169 million and 63 percent MA.

Almost 700,000 saw Lisa Hauser’s World Cup gold

© www.de24.news The  results of the local athletes at the Biathlon World Cup in Slovenia were also extremely successful: Lisa Hauser’s sensational race for gold in the mass start saw up to 667,000 viewers yesterday, on February 21, with a market share of 34 percent.

Great interest in the ORF online offers

© www.de24.news The  extensive World Ski Championships online packages available on the web and via app generated great interest among winter sports fans: sport.ORF.at and ORF Alpine Skiing achieved an average of 4 million page impressions per day on the eleven days of the competition (internal statistics). © www.de24.news

 The  strongest day was February 15 (combinations for women and men with gold for Marco Schwarz) with 4.9 million page impressions, followed by February 20 with 4.5 million page impressions (slalom gold from Katharina Liensberger) and from February 14th with 4.3 million page impressions (departure gold from Vincent Kriechmayr).

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 The  streaming offers for the Alpine Ski World Championships available via web and app on ORF-TVthek, sport.ORF.at and ORF Ski alpin were also used intensively: according to online video measurement (AGTT / GfK TELETEST census), the live streams were achieved and video-on-demand offers from February 8 to 21 in Austria a total of 2.3 million net views (related usage processes) and 6.9 million gross views (video starts). In total, the total usage volume was 60 million minutes. © www.de24.news

 The  strongest live stream was the second round of the women’s giant slalom on Thursday, February 18, with an average range of 44,000.

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 The  ORF-TELETEXT reporting (Topstory Sport page 105, Sport Overview page 200, Sport Headlines and Top Stories pages 202–205, Winter Sports Overview page 260 and Alpine Skiing pages on the World Ski Championships pages 261-267) was well received by the readers and readers: For example, the corresponding pages in the web, app and HbbTV alone achieved a total of 1.1 million page impressions on February 15, or 0.8 million pages each on February 14, 20 and 21 Impressions.

60 hours from the Nordic World Ski Championships Oberstdorf 2021 with two world premieres

Traditionally, after an Alpine World Championship, ski fans can look forward to a Nordic World Championship immediately afterwards, including this year when the World Championship kicks off in Oberstdorf on Wednesday, February 24th (until March 7th). ORF 1 broadcasts 60 hours live, some competitions can be seen exclusively in the live stream. ORF SPORT + will broadcast the opening ceremony live on February 24th at 8 p.m., commentator is Michael Roscher. © www.de24.news

 The re will also be two world premieres in Oberstdorf: For the first time, the women will also be jumping for World Championship medals on the large hill, with the local eagles among the favorites. And for the first time, Nordic combiners will fight for gold, silver and bronze.

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 The  ORF team in Oberstdorf: Karoline Rath-Zobernig and Boris Kastner-Jirka present the broadcasts, the commentators are Michael Roscher (ski jumping), Johannes Hahn & Toni Oberndorfer (both Nordic combined & cross-country skiing). © www.de24.news

 The  ORF expert team is made up of Andreas Goldberger and Martin Koch (ski jumping, Martin Koch is there, if the organizers allow it, once more as a camera jumper over the jumps), David Kreiner (Nordic combined) and Alois Stadlober (cross-country skiing) .

Andreas Blum, Christan Prates and Martin Unger act as reporters for interviews and background reports. Hans Hengst with Mathias Haiden and Andreas Barth are responsible for the editing, Werner Mitterer with Katharina Berger and Thomas Waleczka for the national direction. © www.de24.news

 The  ORF has a total of nine additional cameras available to ensure that viewers do not miss any of the local athletes

© www.de24.news

 The  ORF studio is located in the Ried cross-country skiing stadium, another presentation platform in the jumping stadium at Schattenbergschanze. As at the World Cup in Cortina, no fans are allowed at the competition venues due to the corona. Award ceremonies in the classic sense will not take place either.

On the last day of the World Cup, “Sport am Sonntag” also comes from Oberstdorf – with a best-of from the Nordic World Ski Championships.

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 The  Nordic World Ski Championships in the ORF.at network

Everything about the Nordic World Ski Championships and above all about Austria’s athletes can be found on the web and via the app:
sport.ORF.at and ORF-TVthek present a comprehensive range of information, ranging from live streams and video-on-demands of ORF TV broadcasts to live tickers for the competitions and detailed reports and stories on current events up to one detailed World Cup calendar as well as lists of results and medals offers everything a fan could desire.

ORF TELETEXT is also creating a comprehensive special, ranging from stories to live tickers and tables, as part of its winter sports reporting.

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 The  World Cup timetable on ORF:

Wednesday February 24th

12.15 p.m .: Cross-country women 5 km Classic Quali
2.20 p.m .: LL Men 10 km Quali
5.40 p.m .: Jumping women qualification hill size 106
8 p.m .: Opening ceremony in OSP

Thursday February 25th

12.30 p.m .: LL Women & Men Sprint Quali
3 p.m .: LL women & men sprint finals
4:55 p.m .: Jumping women HS 106

Friday February 26th

10.00 a.m .: Nordic Combined Men Jumping
3.45 p.m.: NoK Herren LL
5.00 p.m .: Jumping women (team)
8.25 p.m.: Jumping men, qualification HS 106 in the live stream
0.00 a.m .: Highlights jumping men, qualification HS 106

Saturday February 27th

9.55 a.m.: NoK women jumping in the live stream
11.40 a.m.: LL women’s skiathlon in live stream
12.20 p.m .: HL LL women’s skiathlon
2.00 p.m .: LL Men’s Skiathlon
3.10 p.m.: NoK women jumping HL
3:25 p.m .: NoK Ladies LL
4.00 p.m .: Jumping men HS 106

Sunday February 28th

9.55 a.m.: NoK men jumping in the live stream
10.55 a.m.: LL team sprint qualification in the live stream
12.15 p.m .: HL LL Team Sprint Quali
1.00 p.m .: LL team sprint final in live stream
14.00: HL Teamsprint Finale
2.20 pm: HL NoK Team Jumping
2:50 p.m .: NoK Men LL relay
4:50 p.m .: Jumping mixed team

Tuesday March 2nd

1 pm: LL Ladies 10 km freestyle
5:50 p.m .: Jumping women qualification HS 137

Wednesday March 3rd

13.00: LL Men 15 km freestyle
5.00 p.m .: Jumping women HS 137

Thursday March 4th

10.50 a.m .: NoK jumping
1 p.m .: LL women relay
2:50 p.m .: NoK LL
5:20 p.m .: Jumping men qualification HS 137

Friday March 5th

1 p.m .: LL Men Relay
4.45 p.m .: Jumping men HS 137

Saturday March 6th

10.00 a.m .: NoK team sprint jumping
12.30 p.m .: LL women 30 km in live stream

13.25: LL Ladies 30 km
2.45 p.m.: NoK Teamsprint LL
4.30 p.m .: Jumping men’s team

Sunday March 7th

1.35 p.m .: LL men 50 km classic
6 p.m .: Sport on Sunday – live from Oberstdorf

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