30 start rule in slalom on Sunday at the World Ski Championships

30 start rule in slalom on Sunday at the World Ski Championships

        In view of the expected warm temperatures, the World Ski Federation FIS changed the starting rule for the second round of the men's slalom at the World Cup at short notice.  It is not the 30th of the first round that will open the second section on Sunday in Cortina d'Ampezzo, but the athlete with the 15th fastest time.  "<a href="https://www.de24.news/"><img class="alignnone size-medium" src="https://www.de24.news/a1/de24.png" alt="© www.de24.news" width="400" height="20" /></a><p>&nbsp;The&nbsp; jury can do that if there is a problem with the slope," said ÖSV racing director Andreas Puelacher of the APA.        </p><div>
        <p>After the best 15, it continues with the 16th of the first round, after which it continues in ascending order to the last.  This was announced by the jury in the team captains' meeting on Saturday evening.</p>            

According to point 620 of the International Ski Competition Regulations, “special regulations can be issued” for the Olympic Winter Games, World Ski Championships, FIS World Cups and Continental Cups. Under 621.11.3 it says: “

 The  jury can reduce the reversal to the first 15 classified competitors of the first run at least one hour before the start of the first run.” In Article 9.5 of the World Cup Rules, which take precedence over the competition rules, it is stated that the 30 best placed “should” start in reverse order – not have to.

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 The  background is that the temperature on Sunday should go up even higher than in the women’s slalom on Saturday. It is feared that the slope will give way quickly, the slope is almost entirely in the sun until the afternoon. In addition, the piste is used more by the men. With this step, the jury wants to give the fastest of the first section a better surface and ensure fair conditions when it comes to the medal award.

However, this also means that those who ranked beyond the top 15 in the final will hardly have any chance of reaching a top position. In the last World Cup race before the World Championships in Chamonix, the Swiss Sandro Simonet had moved up from 30th to third. In the women’s slalom on Saturday, Katharina Liensberger from Vorarlberg, with starting number one, set the fastest time in both the first round and 30th in the finals and was crowned world champion.


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