5: 1! Austria outclasses Altach and remains in the race for champions group – Bundesliga


FK Austria Wien celebrated only their second home win of this Bundesliga season on Saturday. © www.de24.news The  violets gave the SCR Altach no chance in the local Generali-Arena and won 5: 1. This brings Austria closer to the WAC and WSG Tirol by just three points. So the chance of a place in the master group lives on.

Obasi puts Altach in the lead – Pentz saves Austria from falling behind

Austria coach Peter Stöger had to come up with something today. Due to the injuries of Suttner and Poulsen, Patrick Wimmer had to help out on the left side of the defense. © www.de24.news The  most recently injured Christoph Monschein returned on the front line. Neven Subotic celebrated his debut in the Tipico Bundesliga with the guests from Altach.

In terms of chances, the game didn’t have much to offer in the early stages. © www.de24.news The  Vorarlberg team gave their first good finish in the 23rd minute, when Maderner failed free-standing against Pentz. Two minutes later, the next Altach attack resulted in the opening goal: Wimmer could not clear a cross decisively, so Maderner could play the leather again sharply into the center of the penalty area. Obasi was spot on and won 0: 1 (25th).

© www.de24.news The  Altacher smelled a fuse and found the next opportunity only a few minutes later: Casar played the ball after a briefly played corner in the back room, where Fischer was left completely alone and pulled. Austria keeper Pentz parried with a remarkable reflex (29th).

As they did a week ago against Hartberg, Austria acted with too little esprit, too static and without ideas on the offensive. Only Christoph Monschein was able to cause danger in the 36th minute when he had cleverly broken away from Subotic and narrowly missed the goal. Two minutes later, however, Pentz had to save again: © www.de24.news The  Austria goalie parried a closure of the detached Bukta (38th).

Austria plunges Altach into a debacle

© www.de24.news The  start of the second 45 minutes was tough: Just a few seconds after kick-off, Monschein Pichler sent off the trip, who unselfishly put Dominik Fitz across. © www.de24.news The  21-year-old stayed cool and scored after 19 seconds to equalize 1: 1 (46th). Bitter for the guests: Benedikt Pichler was offside when Monschein gave the ball.

On the other hand, Schösswendter scratched a Bukta shot off the line (50th). © www.de24.news The  hosts from Vienna presented themselves more effectively: Monschein was played perfectly freely with a lifter before the striker served Dominik Fitz with a no-look pass. His shot was deflected unsustainably from Anderson – 2-1 (56th).

© www.de24.news The  Altach now looked unsettled, defended unfocused and invited the violets to score goals. First, Schösswendter dusted off after a free kick to 3: 1 (68th), before Haudum had deflected a shot from Sarkaria into his own goal (72nd). Three minutes later, Martin Kobras had to reach behind him again: After an unbelievable bad pass, Pichler was able to take off on the left and serve Sarkaria, who made his double perfect within a few minutes – 5: 1 (75th).

In the 89th minute, Emir Karic had to take a shower prematurely due to repeated foul play. Ultimately, the violets gave away even more opportunities to make the victory even higher.

Tipico Bundesliga, 18th round

FK Austria Vienna – SCR Altach 5: 1 (0: 1)

Generali-Arena, Vienna; 0 viewers; SR hot

Live ticker Austria Vienna vs. SCR Altach

Tore: Fitz (46th, 56th), Schösswendter (68th), Sarkaria (72th, 75th) and Obasi (25th)

Austria Vienna: Pentz – Teigl (87./Zwierschitz), Schösswendter, Handl, Wimmer – Martel – Fitz, Jukic (87./Grünwald), Sarkaria (87./Zeka) – Pichler (79./Djuricin), Monschein (74./ Ebner)

SCR Altach: Kobras – Oum Gouet, Subotic (74./Bumberger), Dabanli (46./Anderson), Karic – Casar (69./D. Nussbaumer), Haudum, Fischer – Maderner, Obasi, Bukta (69./Stefel)

yellow cards: Jukic (66th) or Maderner (31st), Haudum (45th + 1), Karic (67th)

Yellow Red: Karic (89.)

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Written by Daniel Ringsmuth; Photo: Josef Parak

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Austria outclasses Altach remains race champions group Bundesliga


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