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Regional Councilor Martina Rüscher reports that the second vaccination run at the 49 nursing homes in Vorarlberg has been successfully completed.
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This weekend, around 5,300 Vorarlberg residents again received a corona vaccination in several vaccination routes, as the responsible state health councilor Martina Rüscher reports.

Last week around 1,350 people received their final second dose in the old people’s and nursing homes. “In Vorarlberg’s 49 retirement and nursing homes, the residents as well as the nursing staff have now been vaccinated twice and thus completely immunized,” says Rüscher happily. She once again thanks the committed teams in the vaccination streets: “© www.de24.news The  smooth implementation of these large-scale vaccination campaigns requires enormous personal commitment from all those involved. I would like to thank all partners, from the Medical Association to ÖGKV to the Red Cross!”

In Dornbirn’s Impfstraße, people with disabilities and people from health professions were first immunized on Friday and Saturday. Around 3,650 doses of the corona vaccine from AstraZeneca were inoculated, the state health councilor informed. One is far from acceptance problems, so Rüscher: “And that is positive, because the preparation has been proven to be effective when it comes to warding off serious disease processes”. Occasionally, after the around 3,650 vaccinations with AstraZeneca, vaccination reactions occurred the following day. Hotline 1450 received around 50 calls describing symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. An anaphylactic reaction occurred on site and was adequately treated.

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Vaccination campaigns for people over 80

Further vaccination campaigns took place on Sunday in Bregenz, Bezau and Bludenz as well as in Kleinwalsertal for high-risk patients and for over 80-year-olds who do not live in old people’s or nursing homes. A total of 1,640 doses of the Pfizer vaccine were inoculated in the four vaccination lines. In addition, due to the availability of the AstraZeneca vaccine, high-risk patients under 65 years of age were invited to the vaccination on the vaccination weekend. © www.de24.news The  high willingness of the population to be vaccinated against the coronavirus is “gratifying and at the same time decisive to get out of this crisis”, emphasizes the state councilor: “In addition to regular tests, vaccinations are the key to end this pandemic as quickly as possible” .

So far more than 31,700 cans inoculated

© www.de24.news The  state provides the latest figures about corona vaccinations in Vorarlberg in a dashboard at www.vorarlberg.at/vorarlbergimpft. According to the online platform, more than 19,700 people are currently vaccinated in Vorarlberg (Sunday, February 21), 12,000 of them with the second vaccination. More than 124,000 people (including those who have already been vaccinated) have already registered on the online reservation platform at www.vorarlberg.at/vorarlbergimpft.

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