70 minutes outnumbered – Basel trembles against Lausanne to win points


Basel – Lausanne 0-0

Raiffeisen Super League, 21st round, season 20/21


After the disaster in the cup match against Winterthur, FC Basel must continue to suffer in the championship. Against Lausanne-Sport it is only enough to 0-0 in St. Jakob-Park.

With this result, the Basler expand their negative Super League record to six home games they haven’t won in a row. For the game against Lausanne-Sport, however, mitigating circumstances apply:  The  list of injured Red-Blue has meanwhile become very long, and from the 20th minute the Basler had to play with one man less.

This scene after 20 minutes had a significant impact on the match. Eray Cömert allowed himself to be provoked head to head by Lausanne’s attacking player Hicham Mahou until he lost his nerve and hit the opponent lightly in the face with his hand. Mahou, as one often sees, theatrically dropped backwards to the floor. © www.de24.news The  red card, with which Cömert weakened his own team early on in the game, corresponded to current case law, but still seemed to be a strict verdict. © www.de24.news The  vicious provocateur Mahou got away with a warning.

20th Minute: Cömert sees red after violence


As long as they were not outnumbered, the Basler – as in the Cup against Winterthur – never dominated the match. © www.de24.news The  more swift attacks showed up there the Vaudois. On the other hand, Lausanne later made little of the advantage of the majority. After 38 minutes, Cameron Puerta, the most conspicuous player in Giorgio Contini’s team, hit the post from an acute angle. For a long time, this was the only action the guests could have taken in the lead. Unlike in the last 3-1 home win against Servette, the Vaudois played awkward and complicated. In the last half hour they fixed the Basler in their half of the pitch without creating any compelling opportunities.

Basel missed the last chance of the game

© www.de24.news The  two most exciting scenes took place in stoppage time. First, Basel’s goalie Heinz Lindner saved by reflexively tearing his arm up on the line. Arthur Cabral then sprinted over 80 meters from the Lausanne gate. Two defense attorneys could not catch up with him. But finally the Brazilian lifted the ball over the goal.

FC Basel reported 13 injured squad players. Of the recently or again injured players, only Silvan Widmer and Valentin Stocker are part of the basic equipment, the usual fixed starters under coach Ciriaco Sforza.

Kasami: “I’m proud of the team”

FC Basel couldn’t get past a 0-0 draw against Lausanne and yet Pajtim Kasami is anything but disappointed after the game. Because his FCB had to act outnumbered from the 20th minute and at least convinced in a fighting manner.


FCB boss Burgener: “It can’t get any worse”

Before the game against Lausanne, the first game after the crushing 2: 6 defeat in the Cup against Winterthur, FCB boss Bernhard Burgener asks himself the most burning questions.



Basel – Lausanne-Sport 0-0

Basel: Lindner; Van der Werff, Cömert, Klose, Hajdari (78. Males); Frei, Zuffi; Zhegrova (23. Cardoso), Kasami, Kalulu (72. Chiappetta); Cabral.

Lausanne-Sport: Diaw; Loosli, Jenz, Nanizayamo; Schmidt (46. Bolingi), Barès (67. Da Cunha), Kukuruzovic, Flo; Puertas (83. Brazão); Mahou, Guessand.

Remarks: Basel without Stocker, Widmer, Xhaka, Pululu, Van Wolfswinkel, Petretta, Padula, Jorge, Abrashi, Marchand, Von Moos, Isufi and Sène (all injured). Lausanne Sport without Turks, Boranijasevic, Geissmann, Elton Monteiro, Zekhnini, Zohouri, Tsoungui, Ouattara and Falk (all injured). 38. Post shot Puertas. 20. Red card against Cömert (assault). Warnings: 20. Mahou (unsportsmanlike conduct), 27. Frei (foul), 58. Barès (foul), 75. Bolingi (foul), 86. Lindner (game delay).

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minutes outnumbered Basel trembles Lausanne win points


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