9 Swiss medals: The Ski World Cup in Cortina was so crazy – the Swiss team was so good

9 Swiss medals: The Ski World Cup in Cortina was so crazy - the Swiss team was so good


Medals en masse for Switzerland, unfair races and a fall that turned out to be extremely light. That was the spectacular World Ski Championships in Cortina.

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Lara Gut-Behrami becomes world champion in giant slalom.


Loïc Meillard wins his second bronze medal in the parallel race.

Loïc Meillard wins his second bronze medal in the parallel race.


Michelle Gisin shines on bronze in the combination.

Michelle Gisin shines on bronze in the combination.


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     The  Ski World Cup in Cortina is over, it was a success for Switzerland.

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     The  Swiss team secured 9 medals – more than any other nation.

  • But there were also other topics to talk about, such as the weather or falls.

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     The  parallel race, which was held for the first time, stood out negatively.

13 races in two weeks – actually in eleven days – that was the World Ski Championships in Cortina. Switzerland likes to look back, as it was the most successful World Cup in 32 years. But not only the medal blessing is remembered, other topics also crystallize.

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 The  weather makes the ski fans desperate

Actually, the World Ski Championships should have started on Monday, February 8th – but the weather doesn’t cooperate, several times, snow and fog are against it. Various races have to be postponed so that the first race, the women’s super-G, can only take place on Thursday of the first week. Finally! From then on there is an extremely staggered program for some drivers, the schedule is as tight as never before.

Gut-Behrami is abusive on TV

While the women are waiting for the Super-G to start – which it doesn’t do because it is postponed – the TV camera moves towards Lara Gut-Behrami, who is talking to someone and doesn’t seem to notice that she is being filmed. “© www.de24.news

 The n I should go apologize to the president and tell him that the slope is good, isn’t it?” Kiss my ass! »Says the Ticino woman. It is taking action against Crans-Montana – and dividing Switzerland. Is she right to complain like that or not?

Gut-Behrami’s slip-up on live TV.

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Gut-Behrami becomes world champion for the first time – and twice after

Gut-Behrami knows how to keep her critics silent, because when the Super-G can finally take place, she lives up to her role as a favorite and races to gold – it is her first gold medal at a World Ski Championships! And it gets even better: Corinne Suter secures silver. What a perfect Swiss start to the World Cup. And Gut-Behrami goes one better, no even two: She finished third behind the winner Suter in the downhill and secured her second world title in the giant slalom. © www.de24.news

 The  Swiss team won a total of nine World Cup medals.

“Just terrible!”

Of course, the Swiss men would also have wanted to take medals in the Super-G, but nothing comes of it. © www.de24.news

 The  course setting is something to talk about: “Not worthy of a World Cup”, “Just terrible!”, “It can’t be fair”, it says on social media. This is because the race takes place on a track that has never been ridden in the World Cup. So not only the Swiss have no chance of precious metal.

“This is not a departure”

Yes, the downhill route is also something to talk about. Defending champion Beat Feuz says after the first downhill training: “This is not a downhill.” © www.de24.news

 The  Kugelblitz didn’t want to get upset after his training drive: “Ultimately, you have to make the best of it if it stays that way. I will certainly give my all, but the TV viewers will not have any fun either. ” It was enough for the Schangnauer to get bronze.

Big emotions – despite missed medal

Michelle Gisin was “only” fifth in the downhill run, but in an interview with SRF, the Engelberg woman was close to tears: “It’s super nice for Corinne, I’m really happy, she deserves it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for a medal for me, but I’m still happy to be here after two difficult years. It’s very emotional for me. “

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 The  acrobatic non-fall

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 The  Frenchman Maxence Muzaton caused a shock on the descent. © www.de24.news

 The  30-year-old fell at high speed, but did not fall properly, instead he stood on the ski again and was able to avoid a serious fall. It looked extremely spectacular and elegant. Muzaton still suffered an injury: he tore his cruciate ligament and his season was over.

Maxence Muzaton saves himself acrobatically.

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Feuz remains a Swiss!

Beat Feuz was a guest on Austrian television, the Swiss team had just dominated the first week of the World Ski Championships. © www.de24.news

 The  President of the Austrian Ski Association, Peter Schröcksnadel, therefore suggested that Beat Feuz be naturalized – just for fun, of course. Feuz replied in the ORF studio: “Afterwards, two years later he will deport me like Romed. I’m staying with the Swiss. “

Feuz allowed himself a joke on Austrian TV.

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 The  most unfair race? © www.de24.news

 The re are death threats

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 The  first individual parallel race at a World Championship was a disaster. About everything that could go wrong went wrong at the premiere. © www.de24.news

 The  results were falsified due to a regulation. While only one run in the morning decided on qualifying for the round of 16, in the afternoon the drivers had to fight for victory or defeat on another slope in two runs. While the maximum lead in the first run was only half a second due to the regulations, the time was allowed to run in the second run. And as the race progressed, the difference between the red and blue course became more and more obvious, the conditions became more and more unfair. Nevertheless, Loïc Meillard won bronze for Switzerland – but it could have been gold. Markus Waldner, race director of the FIS World Ski Federation, received death threats after the controversial race.

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