A previously unreleased N64 game has been leaked and is even playable


Recently, a previously unreleased N64 game from Rare has emerged that is fully playable.

Today we have great news for all N64 fans and for all who are interested in the history of video games. Indeed, “Forest of Illusion” – a group that has set itself the goal of preserving the history of Nintendo (consoles, games, etc.) – got their hands on the unreleased game Dinosaur Planet.

This 2000 build is from a private collector from Sweden. It is not known where the collector got this build from. But that shouldn’t interest us at this point.

 The  build currently doesn’t seem to run 100 percent perfectly on any emulator, but you still get a good impression of the game, which was obviously very much inspired by Zelda.

As I said, the game was never finished and therefore never published, but a few years later Dinosaur Planet became Star Fox Adventures for the GameCube – for me one of the best games on the system.

Dinosaur Planet has now found its place in the internet archive, where it will hopefully not be forgotten.

Here is a tweet from “Forest of Illusion” with some screenshots from the game:

Here is a video showing 20 minutes from the game:

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We think that:
It’s cool that Dinosaur Planet showed up after so many years. But it’s a shame that it never came onto the market. But at least a few years later, based on the game, Star Fox Adventures was created – a great adventure.

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previously unreleased N64 game leaked playable


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