A14: Mother and son skid with their car – Vorarlberg –


    On Saturday evening, a 29-year-old car driver was driving with her son on the A14 when the vehicle skidded for unknown reasons.


p class=”has-normal-font-size”>At around 7.15 p.m., the 29-year-old driver and her seven-year-old son were on the A14 in the direction of Tyrol. For a previously unknown cause, the motor vehicle came to the shoulder of the Bludenz / Bürs exit in a slight right-hand bend and hit the center rail with the left side of the vehicle. As a result, the car skid across both lanes on the right, hit the outer guardrail and came to a standstill after about 30 meters. Mother and son were taken to the Feldkirch State Hospital with the rescue.  The  accident site was only accessible in one lane from 19:15 to 20:10. © www.de24.news The  rescue team with two paramedics, a vehicle from API Bludenz with two police officers, the Bludenz fire brigade with three vehicles and 20 men, and the towing service were on duty.

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A14 Mother son skid car Vorarlberg


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