Active after Covid-19 – be careful when restarting your sport after the Corona break


Anyone who has had the virus and wants to get back into training shouldn’t just start. This is underestimated by those particularly affected without symptoms. Sports physician Johannes Scherr knows when and why caution is required.

Anyone who was infected with the Covid virus should initially dose the load when returning to training.

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Tied to bed by Covid-19, in isolation or in quarantine for days due to the threat of infection – the virus throws many a recreational athlete into a spanner in the works. And especially with these spring-like temperatures, the temptation is great to really step on the gas after the forced break in your running shoes or to tackle the first long ride on the bike or racing bike.

But those who have recovered from Covid have to take it slow – regardless of whether the disease was asymptomatic or severe. Because although there is still a lot to be researched with regard to the after-effects of this disease, it is already clear today: ©

 The  virus can put heavy strain not only on the lungs, but also on the heart.

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