Actress Martha Stewart is dead: daughter in mourning


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Mourning in Hollywood: Actress Martha Stewart is dead. As has only recently become known, she died on February 17th at the age of 98.

  • Actress Martha Stewart is dead
  • She was 98 years old
  • Martha Stewart played in “Ein Einsamer Ort” on the side of Humphrey Bogart

Stewart became famous in 1950 in the Hollywood film “A Lonely Place” by Mildred Atkinson, in which she played alongside Humphrey Bogart.

As her daughter explained, Martha Stewart “walked peacefully in the presence of her family and cat”.

In her Twitter post, she called her mother “the original” Martha Stewart, so that there would be no confusion with the somewhat younger US presenter and TV chef Martha Stewart (79).

Martha Stewart: Your background

Martha Stewart was born Martha Ruth Stewart Haworth on October 7, 1922 in the US state of Kentucky.

Stewart originally began her career as a singer. In 1945 she landed her first role in the movie “Doll Face”. In 1947 she appeared together with Henry Fonda (1905-1982) and Joan Crawford (1905-1977) in the drama “Daisy Kenyon”.

In 1952 she was shown the musical film “Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick”. In 1965 her last role followed in the TV series “My Three Sons”.

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Actress Martha Stewart dead daughter mourning


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