Acute staff shortage at FCB – Telebasel

Acute staff shortage at FCB - Telebasel

 The  FCB hospital is bursting at the seams. No team in the Super League has as many injuries as Rotblau. Coach Ciriaco Sforza is forced to literally put together a new team from week to week.

From a total of 30 players in the FCB squad, no less than 14 players are currently injured or injured. Now there are also the bans against Fabian Frei (4th yellow card) and Eray Cömert (red card). Ciriaco Sforza has to find a way out of the sporting crisis with a rump team. No player over twenty was on the bench against Lausanne Sport at the weekend. And now of all times the duels against St. Gallen and YB are pending.

No more full-backs

© The  only position Sforza is spoiled for choice are the goalies. Heinz Lindner hexts FCB to a goalless draw against Lausanne. Djordje Nikolić experienced an absolute horror evening in the Cup against Winterthur through no fault of her own. Both goalies are fit and ready for action.

In terms of defense, however, it looks bleak: FC Basel currently has no full-backs. Silvan Widmer, Andrea Padula (torn muscle bundle), Jorge (cruciate ligament tear), Raoul Petretta (back injury) and Elis Isufi have to watch the games on TV or from the stands. Ciriaco Sforza is forced to switch to Lausanne. Brings four center-backs on the last line. But even in the center, the trainer now faces hardship.

© The re are also locks

Eray Cömert is suspended for three games after his assault against Lausanne. So the judgment of the association on Monday evening. His replacement Albian Hajdari suffered an injury from the remaining 70 minutes against the Vaudois. Only Timm Klose, Jasper van der Werff and Gonçalo Cardoso are still available.

© The  alternatives in the center are also missing in the midfield. Yannick Marchand, Amir Abrashi are injured. Taulant Xhaka will no longer appear for red-blue this season. Fabian Frei is suspended against St. Gallen. Valentin Stocker fell out against Lausanne. Only Luca Zuffi, who is still approaching after his protracted injury, is in the squad, together with Pajtim Kasami and Orges Bunjaku. Newcomer Matías Palacios would also be an alternative.

Arthur Cabral the only striker

Arthur Cabral is and remains the sole entertainer in the storm. ©

 The  Brazilian would be seeded anyway. However, there are now only limited alternatives to attack. New signing Darian Males would be the only remaining option in the storm center. Because Ricky van Wolfswinkel is again suffering from a knee injury. Afimico Pululu, Julian von Moos and returnees Kaly Sene are all injured.

FC Basel is suffering from an acute shortage of staff. ©

 The re are reasons why things are not going optimally at FCB at the moment: Yes, on paper the FCB had one, if not the strongest squad in the league. But on the pitch, the reality is currently very different. ©

 The  personnel situation around Rotblau must be weighted in the criticism of Ciriaco Sforza. Even if that doesn’t improve the situation before the big games against St. Gallen and YB.

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Acute staff shortage FCB Telebasel


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