After a raid on Halles OB: What the Wiegand public prosecutor accuses of vaccination


With a spectacular step, the judiciary has intervened in Halle’s vaccination affair around Lord Mayor Bernd Wiegand (non-party). On Monday, the Halle public prosecutor’s office and police officers searched the offices of the city administration to find evidence.

Two weeks ago, the MZ had revealed that Wiegand had been vaccinated early.

 The  vaccine against the coronavirus that was purchased and distributed by the federal government was initially only allowed to be administered to people over 80 years of age and particularly vulnerable employees in the health and care sector.

Nevertheless, Wiegand had himself and at least 18 local politicians and town hall employees vaccinated. He justified this with the fact that “leftovers” of the vaccine should be used.

Public prosecutor investigates the vaccination affair against Wiegand


 The  public prosecutor, however, sees it as a violation of the vaccination sequence and a property crime. “Dr. Bernd Wiegand is suspected of having disregarded the vaccination sequence set out in the Federal Minister of Health’s Corona Virus Vaccination Ordinance to ensure that he himself and other unauthorized persons have already been vaccinated with the corona virus vaccine, “explains the Authority.

Specifically, the public prosecutor suspects the criminal offense of embezzling embezzlement.

Suspected embezzlement

This intensified special form of embezzlement takes effect when a perpetrator appropriates something that was entrusted to him. According to Section 246 (2) of the Criminal Code, this is punishable by imprisonment of up to five years or a fine.

Wiegand is currently the only accused. “We assume that the mayor instructed the vaccinations like this,” said Heike Geyer, head of the Halle public prosecutor’s office.

Other parties involved in the vaccination affair are considered witnesses. ©

 The se include Halle’s medical officer Christine Gröger or the head of the vaccination center, Daniel Schöppe.

No evidence of corruption


 The  authority sees no evidence of further possible offenses, such as corruption. ©

 The  accusation of taking advantage in office does not apply, said Geyer of the MZ. It is not apparent that another person had offered Wiegand an advantage, i.e. the early vaccination. According to Geyer’s information, more than half a dozen criminal charges have been received against Wiegand.

Raid on Halle’s Lord Mayor Wiegand


 The  Halle district court had already issued the search and seizure orders last Wednesday. ©

 The  raid began on Monday morning. ©

 The  mayor’s office as well as the offices of the health department and the vaccination center were searched.

According to MZ information, Wiegand was escorted every step of the way by an officer during the action. When asked, Wiegand called the search disproportionate. Together with his lawyer, he will “have the procedure checked immediately”. He denied the allegations.

Disciplinary proceedings against numerous state politicians

Disciplinary proceedings are already underway against Wiegand at the state administration office, as are the district administrators Jürgen Dannenberg (Wittenberg, Linke) and Hartmut Handschak (Saalekreis, independent). ©

 The  district administrators have admitted that they too had been vaccinated.


 The  Dessau public prosecutor’s office confirmed that two criminal charges had been received against Dannenberg. A decision as to whether an investigation will be initiated has not yet been made. In the case of District Administrator Handschak, the Halle public prosecutor sees no reason for an investigation. (mz)

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