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Status: 02/20/2021 6:22 p.m.

After a gas leak was discovered in Ostholstein on Saturday night, technicians are working on releasing the line again.  The  work can continue until Sunday morning.

Technicians from SH Netz discovered a broken component in the Malente-Gremsmühlen area during routine checks on Friday evening – probably frost damage. ©

 The y had tried to fix the part that evening. However, more and more gas leaked, so that the danger for the workers became too great and the line had to be completely disconnected from the grid, the city said. Even on Saturday evening, not all households in the network area of ​​Stadtwerke Eutin were reconnected to the gas network. ©

 The  customers of SH Netz and ZVO are not affected.

Technicians release individual households


 The  technicians have now repaired the damage. Because all those affected – 5,500 households – were asked to turn off their stop cocks, the technicians now have to release them individually. To do this, they ring each household individually. As a city spokeswoman announced, this could take until Sunday morning. ©

 The re is now pressure on the line again, but turning the taps on by yourself is too dangerous. “©

 The  people of Eutin have to be prepared for the fact that in the course of the evening and also during the night it can happen that public utility technicians ring the bell to ensure that the heating systems are connected to the grid. Whoever is not found or does not open, receives a sticker an emergency number that can be called on Sunday. ©

 The  households then get a visit from the technician on Sunday, “explains Eutin Mayor Carsten Behnk.

Support from the fire brigade, THW and Johanniter


 The  fire brigade has now made a large number: a total of 250 workers from the fire brigade, THW and Johanniter are ready to help in an emergency. So far, however, everything is going according to plan and very well structured according to the city.

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