After the pandemic is before the pandemic – the lessons of Corona


 The  faster humanity grows and the more it comes into contact with wild animals, the greater the risk of zoonoses. In whatever form: © The  next global organic crisis is sure to come. We should use Corona to prepare for it.

One would think that a catastrophe like the Spanish flu a hundred years ago was indelibly imprinted on human memory. But far from it: the corona pandemic caught us on the wrong foot. © The  reaction was much too slow. © The  preparations were inadequate, there was a lack of protective equipment. To date, we have not got the situation under control. © The  only bright spot are the vaccines.

We will have to prepare for a return of the epidemics and sharpen our precautions. What’s next for us? What can we do, what must we do? © The  NZZ editor-in-chief is talking about coping with the Covid 19 crisis and possible next pandemics Eric Gujer with the ETH biostatistician and mathematician Tanja Stadler.

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