After the show scandal: candidate consoles herself with Vox employees


“First Dates Hotel”: bartenders Rocco and Jacqueline on their date. Image: TVNow

After scandal: “First Dates Hotel” candidate suddenly dates employees of the show

In the latest episode of “First Dates Hotel” there was an event that is so far unique in the history of the dome show: a candidate was allowed to go out with an employee of the show after a heated argument between her and another one the previous week Candidate of the show had come.

What happened? As it turned out, the two candidates Jacqueline and Özcan were already having an affair before the recording. Eventually they clashed in front of the cameras and the 32-year-old even shed tears.

Only one episode later, however, the tide suddenly turned for her.

Jacqueline is suddenly dating a bartender

After quarreling with Özcan by the pool, Jacqueline found solace with bartender Rocco, an employee of the show. This did not escape the host and dome expert Roland Trettl and so he suggested simply sending the two on a date. “It didn’t go so well last night,” he said to the woman from Cologne and asked her straight away:

Last week there was a heated argument by the pool between Özcan and Jacqueline. Image: TVNow

 The  answer was a resounding “yes” and Rocco also directly agreed to the proposal. Shortly afterwards, the two actually found each other at an evening rendezvous in the back yard of the “First Dates” hotel. At the joint dinner it even seemed to crackle – including holding hands and an intense hugs goodbye.

In the subsequent interview, the two of them consequently confirmed that they wanted to see each other again. Unfortunately, the contact did not intensify back in Germany, as Vox announced. © The  love flame has gone out, they say. ©

 The y had even discussed their ideas about a relationship during the meeting.

After all, the two should still be friends. “I am very happy to have met Jacqueline,” says Rocco.


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