After visiting his daughter’s hairdresser: Robert Geiss foams


Updated February 10, 2021, 8:50 a.m.

  • Robert Geiss knows all too well from his wife Carmen that styling can be very expensive.
  • But now daughter Shania (16) tops everything in Venice.
  • In the current episode “Die Geissens”, your spontaneous visit to the hairdresser is completely out of hand.

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Next stop on the current season’s jet set tour of “ The  Geissen family“(Mondays, 8:15 pm, RTL2): ©

 The  Millionaire family is in Venice.

Where there are usually crowds of tourists rolling through the alleys, there is little activity due to the pandemic. Many shops are closed. But Shopping Queen Carmen Geiss discovers an open glass shop.

It should be a colorful Murano glass mask: “It’s beautiful.” Robert Geiss sees it completely differently: “It is ugly.” What follows could also be a dialogue between two sandpit buddies: “Nice!”, “Ugly!”, “Nice!”, “Ugly!”, “Nice!”, “Ugly!”, “Nice!”, “Ugly!” “

Daughter doesn’t want to be ugly, but beautiful Shania feel. “I want to get my hair dyed,” she announced. After Robert acts on the strict father (“Carmen, is she allowed to do that?”), A hairdresser is quickly found.

It should be blonde highlights. “How long does it take?” Robert is already annoyed. ©

 The  styling session is scheduled to last just under two hours. Shania makes herself comfortable in the barber chair while her parents keep looking for opportunities to get rid of their money.

A visit to the hairdresser and costs “without end”

At the appointed time there is nothing to be seen of Shania. Robert gets nervous. ©

 The  problem: ©

 The  Geissens lie with their boat, the “Indigo Star”, in the port of Venice. But the captain has received orders to vacate the berth as soon as possible, otherwise there is a risk of stress with the port authorities.

“Yes, then we have to go now and pick up Shania with the tender”, Robert decides under time pressure.

But whoever doesn’t come even after several long minutes is his daughter. “Where is she?” Robert is getting more and more nervous.


 The  “Indigo Star” meanwhile circles in front of St. Mark’s Square, while Robert’s mood sinks to the lowest point of the lagoon. “It’s the most expensive visit to the hairdresser of all time,” he grumbles, “we use hundreds of liters of petrol here. It costs endlessly!”

After what feels like an eternity, the dinghy finally appears. On board: a hooded Shania. Carmen and Davina suspect evil: “Oh no! Does it look terrible?”

But Shania is very satisfied with the new highlights – even if her older sister blaspheme: “You can’t see anything.”

Robert Geiss does well – thinks Robert

On board is happy Robert meanwhile about his latest Achievement: a hand-operated slicer for cold cuts, the size and weight of which are reminiscent of an ancient sewing machine.

Carmen is completely horrified. On the one hand, because Robert already owns two of these monstrous machines. On the other hand, because the part does not stand at all on the wobbly boat. “You can’t put a machine like that here, Robert! It’s not for a boat!” Rumbles Carmen.


 The  daughters, too, are anything but enthusiastic: “How can you buy semolina like that?” Asks Shania disparagingly and Davina etches: “Dad is a strange person.” Carmen: “He’s crazy, your father!”

Robert’s tirades of blasphemy leave Robert completely cold. In peace of mind, he cuts wafer-thin slices of ham. His secret: earplugs.

Searching for truffles with snoopers

A good nose is what counts on the next Geissens excursion. ©

 The y are now after Croatia traveled further.

Because almost all shops there are also closed, Robert has come up with an adventurous alternative program: It goes with us Truffle sniffer dogs in the forest.

Davina and Shania are particularly taken with the two four-legged treasure hunters. And Carmen also follows the trail of the dogs: “Has the truffle found? Ah, no – it just poops!”

A short time later, the first dog hits, and indeed: He digs a black truffle out of the forest floor, others follow. While Carmen is still happy, Robert thinks about business again: “We have to buy such dogs too. You can really make money with them!”


 The  Geissens want to serve the truffles they have found to a distinguished guest on board the “Indigo Star”: one Austrian mayor. But bad seas prevent his visit. Good for the crew: ©

 The  Geissens spontaneously invite their employees to sip truffles and oysters. Even the newly highlighted Shania dares. Carmen is proud: “You passed the jungle exam!”

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Horst Lichter doesn’t really need moths in his “Bares for Rares” paradise. It is all the more surprising that the dealers are really into it!

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