Again offenses against the Covid-19 regulation –


Herisau, Schönengrund

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On Saturday afternoon, the Ausserrhoden canton police had to break up large crowds in several places in the Appenzell hinterland.

Shortly after noon, the Appenzell Ausserrhoden canton police received the message that a carnival parade was to be formed in Schönengrund. ©

 The  police immediately moved out with several patrols and were able to find around 200 people on the streets and around 100 people in the area of ​​the multi-purpose building. After the police were on site, the crowd on the area dissolved within a very short time. ©

 The  people on the streets, who were obviously waiting for the move to begin, were made aware of the applicable provisions in relation to the Covid Ordinance. ©

 The  groups subsequently disbanded and no fines had to be pronounced.
During the afternoon, the Appenzell Ausserroden canton police had to intervene again with several patrols – this time on a sports field in Herisau. Around 150 people in different group sizes were around the square. ©

 The  police made those present aware of the Covid regulation, in particular the five-person rule. Since the people were reasonable and left the place, no buses had to be issued here either.

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