Alaba to Real? Kroos: “It takes more than just sporting quality”

 Alaba to Real?  Kroos:

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Toni Kroos commented on a potential move from David Alaba to Real Madrid and a possible return of Mats Hummels, Jerome Boateng and Thomas Müller to the national team in the Sky Interview.

Toni Kroos about

… a potential move from David Alaba to Real Madrid:

“I think there were a lot of players who were here who definitely brought the quality with them. Here you need quality, that you are physically there, that your head can take part in many situations, even if it doesn’t work that way. You need more than just sporting quality.

 The  problem is that I haven’t played with him for almost seven years. So it’s a little difficult for me to say how and what he thinks. I’ve already read the name Alaba in connection with Real Madrid, but I don’t have any information on it now. If you’re a regular at Bayern, then you definitely have the sporting quality to play at Real Madrid. That’s clear, but we’ll see what will come of it in the end. ”

PSG with a specific offer for David Alaba

… a possible return of Hummels, Boateng and Müller to the national team:

Video contains product placements

“I’m pretty biased myself because, firstly, I’m a national team player, secondly, thank God, I don’t have to make a decision, and thirdly, I’ve just played with them for many years. ©

 The  problem, which I see at least in the reporting, is – if you only go after it – you would have a different national team after every Bundesliga matchday. We all know that this doesn’t work.

I believe that in the end you have to plan a little ahead. I am now questioning whether the coach’s plan has worked out the way he wanted it to be. It is clear that the intention after this World Cup was relatively clear. And now you have to decide what is best for the next tournament. I am now fully involved again, that of course we cannot see that we are doing something to be successful in 2024.

tue-20-10 chamoions league conference
As Germany you can’t give up a tournament, even if the advance praise won’t be great, that’s for sure. We have to make sure that we find the best possible team for the tournament. ©

 The se are the strongest in form and the players who go together best. I believe that will happen and who these players are in the end we will see. ”

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Alaba Real Kroos takes sporting quality


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