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Aldi is selling a large home office notebook for a small price this week


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More and more people are allowed or have to work in the home office. This week, Aldi is offering an interesting Windows notebook with a large screen and a lot of performance at a low price. GIGA tells you for whom the purchase is worthwhile.

This week at Aldi: 17-inch notebook for 599 euros

If you are currently looking for an affordable notebook for the home office, you should take a look at Aldi in the online shop on February 25, 2021. © www.de24.news The  Medion Akoya S17404 is an interesting device with a large 17 inch monitor and convincing features for only 599 euros. © www.de24.news

 The  larger screen makes this notebook perfect for work at home. WLAN, Bluetooth and a webcam are integrated so that you can start right away.

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 The  equipment of the Medion Akoya S17404 was not saved. You get a fast Intel Core i5 processor, full 512 GB internal storage as a fast SSD and 8 GB RAM. Windows 10 Home and everything you need for work Programs run very quickly on it. With such a large device there are of course enough connections. © www.de24.news

 The  Aldi notebook has a card slot, three USB-A ports, two of which support USB 3.2, and a USB-C port with DisplayPort function. An external monitor can of course also be connected via the HDMI connection if you want to use the notebook as a desktop PC.

What you should know about Aldi:

Is it worth buying the Medion Akoya S17404?

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 The  price of 599 euros for the 17-inch notebook Medion Akoya S17404 at Aldi is very good. You get a balanced equipment that is perfectly matched for use in the home office. You are also covered by a three-year guarantee. A comparable notebook from Lenovo costs noticeably more at 666 euros on Amazon. So if you want to get a new office computer, you can strike at Aldi. It is also perfect for school or study, even if at 17 inches it is of course not that easy to transport. However, this computer is not suitable for gaming.

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Aldi selling large home office notebook small price week


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