Alfa Romeo C41 – F1 Car 2021: info and pictures

Alfa Romeo C41 - F1 Car 2021: info and pictures

Alfa Romeo has presented its Formula 1 racing car for the 2021 season. Kimi Räikkönen and Antonio Giovinazzi unveiled their new company car at a glamorous ceremony in Warsaw. We look at interesting technical details and show the first pictures of the C41.

 The re wasn’t much to celebrate for Alfa Romeo last season. Eight World Cup points were only enough for third from last place in the team classification. ©

 The  gap to the front midfield was regularly several tenths. Kimi Räikkönen and Antonio Giovinazzi only made it into the top ten when the competition showed weaknesses.

In 2021 everything should get better with the C41. ©

 The  name alone indicates a big step forward, after all, a number was simply skipped in the traditional Sauber nomenclature. Allegedly one wants to lean the type designation closer to the year. So after the C39, the C41 will come in 2021.


 The  previous year’s model wasn’t such a bad racing car. But unfortunately the Swiss engineers did not succeed in compensating for the two-digit horsepower deficit of the Ferrari engine. It is only with the winter break that there is now the first opportunity to undertake development steps on the drive train and to reduce the power gap. Ferrari promises that the new V6 will finally be competitive again.

Alfa Romeo - C41 - Presentation - Formula 1 - 2021

Alfa Romeo


 The  Alfa Romeo C41 gets a new nose and a new front wing.

Alfa Romeo C41 with a new front section

As for the rest of the car, the regulations artificially restricted the engineers’ options for reasons of cost. ©

 The  C41, which was presented on Monday (February 22nd) in Warsaw, the home of main sponsor Orlen, is based on the same monocoque as its predecessor. As with the competition, the engineers only had two tokens for the further development of important elements.

At Alfa, the engineers decided to modify the front suspension and convert the nose. ©

 The  hole in the tip is now slightly more bulbous. Directly behind the approach, a so-called cape wing grows to the rear. ©

 The  top of the front section is a little more rounded and is no longer as flat in the wind. A significantly more strongly contoured main leaf can be seen on the front wing.

In the rear of the car, the changes are mainly limited to the aerodynamic cuts that the 2021 regulations specify. ©

 The  underbody pulls in strongly towards the rear. ©

 The  rear brake scoops and the diffuser fins have been cut. This should artificially lower downforce and reduce the stress on the tires.


 The  regulations meant that a lot of performance was lost, which we had to try to regain. In addition, further development was restricted. We first had to decide in which areas we would get the most performance with the available tokens”, explained chief technology officer Jan Monchaux.

“Three test days before the season in Bahrain are of course very little. It will be very hectic on the track. We have to work through our list quickly. After all, we like the fact that the weather should be dry, which was not always the case in Barcelona. ©

 The  load on the tires should also be more representative. We can hardly wait to start the program. “

Alfa Romeo - C41 - Presentation - Formula 1 - 2021

Alfa Romeo


 The  red and white areas on the bonnet were simply swapped.

Red and white are flipped


 The  model change is most noticeable in terms of paintwork. ©

 The  engine cover with the large logos of Alfa Romeo and Orlen is no longer painted red at the top and white at the bottom, but the other way around. ©

 The  small fin on the crest of the hood is now black.

On the other hand, the black color on the front wing flaps disappeared. ©

 The y are now painted white. On the rear wing flap, the designers went from white to red. ©

 The  two tones were also simply changed for the end plates of the wings. ©

 The re is now more white at the back and more red at the front.

Team boss Frederic Vasseur expressed himself cautiously optimistic at the ceremony in Warsaw: “Our expectations are of course high, as is always the case with such presentations. ©

 The  anticipation is of course great. But we also know that it will take a little longer until we’re coming back to the top of midfield. We have to take one step at a time. “

In the gallery we show you the first photos of the new Alfa Romeo C41.

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Alfa Romeo C41 Car info pictures


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