All adults in the UK are expected to receive an initial vaccination offer by the end of July


In the UK, all adults should be able to receive their first dose of vaccine against the coronavirus by the end of July. All over 50-year-olds should be offered a first vaccination by mid-April, as the British government announced on Sunday in London. This accelerates the ambitious schedule again: So far, the targets were vaccination of all over 50-year-olds by May and all adults by September.

With more than 120,000 deaths, Great Britain is one of the countries hardest hit by the corona pandemic. It was the first country to start its vaccination campaign in December.

© The  first stage was reached in mid-February when 15 million people received a first dose of vaccine, including those over 70 and hospital staff. According to official information, another 2.2 million people had received their first vaccination against the corona virus by Saturday. This means that a third of the population has received a first injection.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to present his plan for a “careful and gradual” relaxation of the corona restrictions in parliament on Monday afternoon. © The  priority for him is the reopening of the schools, which could take place gradually from March 8th.

British Health Secretary Matt Hancock defended the government’s cautious approach on Sky News on Sunday. ©

 The re are still “almost 20,000” Covid-19 patients in the hospital, he said. At the same time, he referred to the question of whether children should be vaccinated in order to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Clinical tests were currently in progress “to know if children should be vaccinated,” he said.

A government scientific adviser, John Edmunds, told the BBC on Sunday that unless the entire population, including children, was vaccinated, there was a “significant risk” of the virus recurring.

Published: 02/21/2021 – Source: Agence-France-Presse

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adults expected receive initial vaccination offer July


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