Already in use in neighboring countries – BAG is delaying the approval of a corona rapid test


 The  neighboring countries rely on easy-to-use and inexpensive saliva self-tests. But the federal government does not yet allow this in Switzerland. Now the pressure is increasing.

Can be carried out by every adult himself: The PCL corona saliva test.

Can be carried out by every adult himself: ©

 The  PCL corona saliva test.

Photo: Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert (Keystone)

Federal Councilor Alain Berset emphasizes at every opportunity how important tests are to contain the corona pandemic. “We absolutely have to test a lot more,” he told the media on Wednesday, “but we have no way of pushing that.”

“Pushing” would not be necessary at all, only moving forward. Because in Berset’s Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) there has been an application for approval of a rapid test for a month. ©

 The  test by the South Korean company PCL is already approved and in use in numerous European countries, for example in Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Spain. And because he tests for antigens in saliva, he doesn’t need an unpleasant swab with a long stick far back in the nasal mucosa. This eliminates a scientifically recognized source of error in the usual tests. ©

 The  PCL test can therefore be carried out by every adult himself. And: the result is available after just ten minutes.

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neighboring countries BAG delaying approval corona rapid test


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