Also world champion in giant slalom – Gut-Behrami conjures up and wins a sensational gold

Also world champion in giant slalom - Gut-Behrami conjures up and wins a sensational gold

Fantastic performance by the Ticino: after gold in the Super-G, Lara Gut-Behrami also wins gold in the giant slalom. Thanks to just two hundredths.

To enjoy: the gold ride from Gut-Behrami.

Video: SRF

Lara Gut-Behrami can’t get the smile off her face in the finish area of ​​Cortina d’Ampezzo. First her sticks fly through the air, then she hugs competitor after competitor. She has just landed the really big coup: © The  Ticino woman has become world champion in giant slalom.

It is one of the greatest moments in the 29-year-old’s career. Maybe it’s even the biggest. Because while the gold medal in the Super-G was almost expected by the Swiss, who recently dominated everything and everyone in this discipline, the triumph in the giant slalom comes as a surprise.


 The  really big figure of this World Cup

Gut-Behrami is also doing something about sports history: She is the first Swiss woman since Maria Walliser to win two gold medals at a World Cup – and three in total. At the Swiss Miracle World Cup in Crans-Montana in 1987, Walliser won gold in the Super-G and the downhill as well as bronze in the giant slalom. Gut-Behrami can now wear the same medals.

“In the middle of the race I was dying,” says Gut-Behrami immediately after the ride – with the broadest smile on his face.

Video: SRF

In addition to the two gold runs in Super-G and Giant Slalom, she also won bronze in the downhill. She is the really big figure in these championships.

Gisin with disappointment

And if you see her swinging down the Tofana piste this Thursday, you can’t imagine that this woman once had trouble in the giant slalom. It wasn’t even long ago that the results were mostly in double digits. But this year everything is different, everything is better, the Ticino is a winner. And now also double world champion. She wins the giant slalom two hundredths ahead of Mikaela Shiffrin, while the Austrian Katharina Liensberger takes bronze.

For Michelle Gisin, however, the race ended in disappointment. ©

 The  Engelberger crouched at the finish, touched her helmet. As fifth in the first run, she too had the prospect of a medal. But the 27-year-old is too late to cross the terrain, just manages to get back on the course, but loses a lot of time and has to be content with 11th place. In front of her is still Wendy Holdener, who is completing a mammoth program this week and is eighth.

Shiffrin is on the way. Who wins? ©

 The  American or the Swiss?

Shiffrin is too slow! Gut-Behrami actually won gold in the giant slalom! Fantastic! It’s only two hundredths that secure the Ticino victory. Two so, so, so valuable hundredths.

Wendy Holdener finished eighth, Michelle Gisin eleventh. You will find a summary of the race here shortly. Thanks for reading and see you soon.


 The  first of the two Americans, the surprising second. What is she showing now?

But no, a bad mistake happened to her shortly before the goal. Bitter. Intermediate rank nine for O’Brien.

Lara Gut-Behrami is on the way. Cross your fingers again.

Yes! ©

 The  woman from Ticino fights her way to the finish and just barely takes the lead. It’s nine hundredths at the end. That’s another podium for Switzerland.

It’s not the absolute attack and then there is an inside ski error. But no, there is no such thing. She drives as if nothing had happened and takes the lead with a lead of 64 hundredths!

Michelle Gisin. Fingers crossed. Now.

Oh no, she makes a mistake at the cliff and she comes off the line. What a shame. ©

 The re are 1.08 seconds behind the finish line and intermediate position 7. Now our hopes are on Gut-Behrami.

Photo: Jean-Christophe Bott (Keystone)


 The  19-year-old beats the 29-year-old: Robinson drives past Siebenhofer and is now at the top with five tenths.

What a shame! She is ahead, her times are green, very green – but then a bad mistake. She still makes it to second place. Great rescue, but also a top place awarded.

Siebenhofer remains at the top, because Mowinckel loses a lot of time and is in fourth place, 44 hundredths behind. Holdener is still in third place.

Her goal was to be in the top 15, which should be close. But in the SRF interview, Corinne Suter does not take this so seriously and says: “It’s always an experience and I can learn a lot from it.”

A mistake in the upper part of the track lets the French woman melt away the whole lead. Worley fights down, but also lines up behind Siebenhofer. Almost four tenths behind. ©

 The re would still be space between first and second place.

Hrovat risks too much and then slips away. Out of the Slovenian.


 The  defending champion attacks. We are excited.

Even the Slovak cannot get to Siebenhofer, but also not to Holdener! Intermediate rank three for Vlhova with + 0.64s.


 The  Norwegian sticks and then loses a lot of time. As a result, she crosses the finish line more than two seconds behind.


 The  second Swiss woman on the way. Holdener takes second place behind Siebenhofer. It is a difficult season for Wendy Holdener. Only recently she separated from her trainer Klaus Mayrhofer; she says that this also helped her regain calm and feel free.

Photo: Andrea Solaro (Keystone / EPA)


 The  lead is gone for Bassino. Siebenhofer takes the lead with a one second lead. It is clear.

Here she is, the big favorite. Marta Bassino, four-time winner of the season, has to start this second run early. Is she about to catch up?

Well, a little. She takes the lead with a six-tenths lead, but in all probability that will not be enough for a medal. Today is not the day of the local hero.

Robnik cannot avoid the formidable Frasse Sombet either. Intermediate rank two, half a second behind.


 The  Austrian risks a lot, too much – and is eliminated.


 The  intermediate ranking:

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world champion giant slalom GutBehrami conjures wins sensational gold


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