Altach and FFC Vorderland team up – Altach –

Altach and FFC Vorderland team up - Altach -

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From summer 2021 there will be a three-year collaboration between the Bundesliga clubs. RW Rankweil is a cooperation partner

© The  Vorarlberg figureheads in men’s and women’s football will be working together from summer 2021. © The  SCR Altach and the local women’s Bundesliga team FFC Vorderland are entering a syndicate. In addition, the second Vorarlberg women’s top club FC RW Rankweil is a cooperation partner. © The  common goal: to further develop women’s football in Vorarlberg in a targeted manner.


 The  women of the FFC not only find their new sporting home in the CASHPOINT Arena, they will also wear the colors of the SCR Altach in the future. For three years, the SCRA and Vorderland form a syndicate under the name SPG SCR Altach / FFC Vorderland. In accordance with the regulations, SCR Altach will then become the sole sponsor of Vorarlberg’s most successful women’s soccer club.


 The  women of the FFC Vorderland benefit from the know-how of the SCR Altach as a long-time Bundesliga club and the professional infrastructure in the CASHPOINT Arena. ©

 The  long-term establishment in the women’s Bundesliga should be secured through the improved framework conditions.


 The  experienced officials of the FFC Vorderland bring their knowledge of women’s football to the SCR Altach, so that the pooled wealth of experience creates a win-win situation from which the players and Vorarlberg women’s football benefit in the long term.

Continuous development as a goal

With SKN St. Pölten, FK Austria Wien and SK Sturm Graz, three Bundesliga clubs are currently represented in the top league, both men and women. ©

 The  SCRA is taking this as a model and would like to position the association more broadly in all areas by merging with the FFC Vorderland.


 The  women’s Bundesliga games are played in the CASHPOINT Arena, creating a dignified environment for competitive women’s football in Vorarlberg.

Cooperation with FC RW Rankweil

In addition, the SPG SCR Altach / FFC Vorderland is entering into a cooperation with FC RW Rankweil. Rankweil has been successfully involved in the women’s junior division for years and in the future should provide the basis for well-trained players who either compete with FC RW Rankweil in the second division or are looking for the leap with Altach / Vorderland in the top Austrian division.


 The  cooperation of three local clubs with a common goal – to optimize Vorarlberg women’s football – is unique and should show that it makes sense to bundle forces.

Werner Gunz, Vice President SCR Altach: “We are very much looking forward to the fact that women’s football will find its way into the CASHPOINT Arena from summer and are proud that the colors of SCR Altach will also be represented in the women’s Bundesliga in the future. With the FFC Vorderland we have found a very professional partner who can fully identify with the general conditions here in Altach. We will do everything we can to ensure that the women of the FFC quickly feel at home in Altach. ©

 The  additional cooperation with FC RW Rankweil gives us the opportunity to set the tone in the youth field and to further develop women’s football in Vorarlberg in such a way that everyone benefits in the end. We would like to make our social contribution to ensuring that the sporting achievements of women in the male-dominated football world are even more respected in the future. “

Walter Weiss, Chairman FFC Vorderland: ©

 The  FFC Vorderland has already achieved great goals in its young club history. ©

 The  establishment in the Bundesliga was certainly of great importance for women’s football in Vorarlberg. But now we want to take the next step. Together with the SCR Altach, the FFC would like to develop further towards even more professionalism. ©

 The  use of the infrastructure at the Altach location opens up completely different possibilities, which will certainly give the team a sporty boost. We look forward to working with the SCR Altach, which will add a new dimension to women’s football throughout the region. ”

Bernhard Metzler, sporting director of women’s and girls’ football FC RW Rankweil: “Meaningful partnerships will gain in importance in the future, both in men’s and women’s football. It is important to join forces, use synergies and put aside some of your pride in order to be able to achieve ambitious goals. In this respect, we are extremely pleased to be an integral part of this groundbreaking project. ©

 The  offer that we can make to girls and young women therefore covers all levels of play, both locally and throughout Austria. This is a prerequisite for enabling optimal development for every player. We, RW Rankweil, would like to thank you in advance for the fruitful and trusting discussions with FFC Vorderland and SCR Altach and look forward to successfully leading this project into the future. ”

Martina Rüscher, State Councilor for Health & Sport: “I am very happy and proud of the further development of women’s football in Vorarlberg. With the syndicate of the SCR Altach and the FFC Vorderland, a strong accent is set in the domestic football world and existing synergies are used perfectly. We thank everyone involved for their commitment and wish all the best and good luck for the coming season! “

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