Altach runs into a 1: 5 debacle at Wiener Austria – football –

Altach runs into a 1: 5 debacle at Wiener Austria - football -

For the Altacher the second half at Austria was forgotten.

After a 1-0 break lead, the Altach went under at Wiener Austria with 1: 5.

Vienna Austria turned the game around within 19 minutes after Vorarlberg took the lead in the 25th minute through Obasi. After equalizing immediately after the break in the 46th minute, Altach had to accept four goals up to the 75th minute.

© The  match in the live ticker

Austria has celebrated a home win for the first time since September. © The  Viennese prevailed after five goals after the break against SCR Altach with 5: 1 (0: 1) and thus kept their hopes for a place in the championship round of the Bundesliga. Thanks to the poorer goal difference, Altach initially fell back behind Admira to the bottom of the table.

Chinedu Obasi (25th) deservedly brought Vorarlberg into the lead, the guests then failed to add. Austria benefited from a wrong decision by the referees when Dominik Fitz (46th) equalized and was able to improve again through Fitz (56th), Christoph Schösswendter (68th) and two Manprit Sarkaria (72nd, 75th). Emir Karic saw a yellow-red finish at Altach (89th). © The  deficit of Austria in seventh place on the WAC and WSG Tirol was reduced to three points before the Sunday games.

Altach relied on Neven Subotic as head of defense for the first time in Vienna. © The  32-year-old former Dortmund star made an inconspicuous debut until his exchange at the score of 1: 4. Peter Stöger looked for luck on the offensive. Georg Teigl and Patrick Wimmer were two attacking full-backs, while Christoph Monschein was a young midfielder. Defender Erik Palmer-Brown was out due to muscular problems.

Austria started hard, Fitz just missed (13th). Again, however, the home side’s game lacked precision. Altach was more stable and found the gaps in the opposing defense. A throw-in by the Viennese failed, Aljaz Casar found Daniel Maderner, who failed alone in front of Patrick Pentz at the Austria goalkeeper (23). Two minutes later, Altach’s leadership was there. Wimmer’s header was too short, Maderner brought the ball sharply to the center, where Obasi was there.

Completely unsorted Austrians were then allowed to thank Pentz that the game was not decided before the break. © The  24-year-old parried at the end of Manfred Fischer with a worth seeing flight insert (29th) and made wide in front of the storming towards him Csaba Bukta (38th). Only at the end of the first half did Austria recover, a free kick from Aleksandar Jukic landed on the top of the bar.


 The  trio of referees made a faux pas as the fog became thicker and thicker. When Monschein passed, Benedikt Pichler was offside, Fitz used his teammate’s cross pass (46th). Altach’s coach Alex Pastoor was repeatedly annoyed on the sidelines and saw yellow. ©

 The  Dutchman also saw how his team missed the new lead by a margin. Christoph Schösswendter saved Pentz in extremis, who had been beaten by Bukta, from the line (49th).

Fitz, who was still struggling in the first half, then became the match winner. This time Monschein was not offside in a Sarkaria pass, Fitz took over the cross, Altach’s Martin Kobras had no chance against the deflected shot. At Austria everything worked out. First Schösswendter had a free shot after a free kick (68th), then an actually harmless Sarkaria shot by Stefan Haudum was decisively deflected (72nd). At 5: 1 again by Sarkaria, Vorarlberg then lost the ball lightly in front of the penalty area (75th). Austria had last won in the second round against Ried at home.

  • 0:1 (25.) Obasi
  • 1: 1 (46.) Fitz, 2: 1 (56.) Fitz, 3: 1 (68.) Schösswendter, 4: 1 (72.) Sarkaria, 5: 1 (75.) Sarkaria

Austria: Pentz – Teigl (86th Zwierschitz), Handl, Schösswendter, Wimmer – Jukic (86th Zeka), Martel – Sarkaria (86th Grünwald), Fitz, Pichler (79th Djuricin) – Monschein (74th Ebner)

Altach: Kobras – Oum Gouet, Dabanli (46th Anderson), Subotic (74th Bumberger), Karic – Casar (69th D. Nussbaumer), Haudum, Fischer – Maderner, Obasi (91st Meilinger), Bukta (69th Stefel)

Yellow-red card: Karic (89./Foulspiel)

Yellow cards: Jukic or Maderner, Haudum, Karic, Pastoor (trainer)

© The  best: Pentz, Schösswendter, Fitz resp. Oum Gouet, Obasi

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Altach runs debacle Wiener Austria football


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