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 The  Amazfit GTR 2 is a very well made smartwatch with OLED display, stainless steel case and exchangeable leather strap that lasts 7 days without charging. For 160 euros, however, it is more stylish than a smartwatch, because the software offers too few options and the recording of vital data is sometimes very inaccurate.

With an attractive design, a long battery life, many functions, support for Android and iOS and a low price, Huami and the Amazfit brand have been in the smartwatch and wearable market for years. With the Amazfit GTR 2, the company has a round smartwatch on offer that is already available in stores for 160 euros. You don’t have to do without stainless steel, OLED and officially up to 14 days of battery life.

Die Amazfit GTR 2 im Detail

Two versions with aluminum or stainless steel

© The  Amazfit GTR2 is available as a Sport Edition and Classic Edition. © The  Classic Edition is used in the test. This is based on a silver case made of stainless steel and a black leather strap, while the sports model has an aluminum frame and a silicone strap. ©

 The  leather bracelet with a width of 22 mm can be exchanged for any other copy by the user.

Amazfit GTR 2: stainless steel meets leather

Amazfit GTR 2: stainless steel meets leather

Amazfit GTR 2: The back is made of plastic

Amazfit GTR 2: © The  back is made of plastic

Amazfit GTR 2: The bracelet can be changed easily

Amazfit GTR 2: ©

 The  bracelet can be changed easily

Amazfit GTR 2

Amazfit GTR 2

Round OLED display in a lightweight housing

A 1.39-inch OLED display with 454 × 454 pixels is in the round stainless steel housing, resulting in a pixel density of 326 ppi. ©

 The  touchscreen is covered by a curved mineral glass. Markings for the hours and minutes are incorporated on the edge of the glass and are displayed regardless of the dial selected. A dial with a black background conceals the end of the display very well.

Amazfit GTR 2: complications can be customized
Amazfit GTR 2: complications can be customized
Amazfit GTR 2: Always-On-Display with reduced information
Amazfit GTR 2: Always-On-Display with reduced information
Amazfit GTR 2: functions in quick access
Amazfit GTR 2: functions in quick access

© The  brightness of the display is automatically adapted to the surroundings via a light sensor. If desired, the brightness can also be controlled manually using the settings on the clock. ©

 The  screen’s brightness and display quality are very good and also convince in everyday life.

© The  dimensions of the Amazfit GTR 2 are 46.4 × 46.4 × 10.7 mm, the weight is pleasantly light 39 g without and 51 g with the bracelet.

Amazfit GTR 2, Fitbit Sense und Apple Watch 6

Amazfit GTR 2, Fitbit Sense und Apple Watch 6

Amazfit GTR 2, Fitbit Sense und Apple Watch 6

Amazfit GTR 2, Fitbit Sense und Apple Watch 6

Amazfit GTR 2 und Apple Watch 6

Amazfit GTR 2 und Apple Watch 6

Amazfit GTR 2 und Apple Watch 6

Amazfit GTR 2 und Apple Watch 6

Weight of the Amazfit GTR 2, Fitbit Sense, Versa 3, Versa 2 and Apple Watch

Bluetooth 5.0, WiFi and GPS

© The  two crowns on the right are designed as buttons, not as rotary controls like on the Apple Watch. In addition to Bluetooth 5.0, the watch supports WLAN 802.11b / g / n with 2.4 GHz as a wireless radio connection. Wi-Fi 5 or even 6 is therefore not supported, but is also not required on the smartwatch. Not only is a compass integrated for navigation, but also GPS and GLONASS.

3 gigabytes for your own music

© The  internal memory on which the user can store their own music and watch faces is 3 gigabytes. Additional dials are optionally available via an online shop, but existing copies can also be adapted using widgets or your own background images. This is also possible and well implemented directly on the watch in the settings.

Lots of sensors and heart rate monitors

© The  sensors in the smartwatch are an acceleration sensor, a gyroscope, the aforementioned light sensor and a barometer. On the underside, the GTR 2 has an optical heart rate monitor and a sensor for oxygen saturation of the blood, as is now common with smartwatches. Amazfit calls this “BioTracker 2 PPG”. A loudspeaker and a microphone allow you to make phone calls over the clock. A vibration motor is installed for notifications. ©

 The  Amazfit GTR 2 does not offer its own cellular connection, so it is dependent on a connected smartphone.

Amazfit GTR 2: BioTracker 2 PPG
Amazfit GTR 2: BioTracker 2 PPG

© The  Amazfit GTR 2 is waterproof (5 ATM), so it can be worn when washing hands or showering, because 5 ATM means that it can withstand a pressure of an imaginary water column of 50 m. In particular, it does not mean that it can be used up to a depth of 50 m. Although Amazfit advertises that the GTR 2 can be worn while swimming, it should not only be avoided because of the leather strap, but also because a higher pressure than 5 ATM can arise.

As the operating system, Amazfit is again using an in-house development and not Google Wear OS. © The  GTR 2 is still compatible with both Android version 5 and higher and iOS version 10 and higher.

A week without loading

© The  battery of the Smartwatch has a capacity of 471 mAh. Amazfit speaks of up to 14 days of battery life with normal use – whereby the always-on display must be deactivated. In practice, the Amazfit GTR 2 achieved a battery life of around 7 days with the always-on display activated. A very good value, especially in comparison to the Apple Watch, which, even in the sixth generation, has to be charged after around 1.5 days.

© The  GTR 2 is charged via a magnetic charging connection on the underside. Unlike the Apple Watch, charging is not wireless, but a conductive connection between the watch and charger is established via two contacts. It takes around 2.5 hours to charge the watch.

Setup via the Zepp app

© The  app for setting up the Amazfit GTR 2 is called Zepp and no longer Amazfit Watch. ©

 The  Zepp app will be used in future for all supported products under the Zepp and Amazfit brands and bundles the functionality under one roof. ©

 The  unannounced change of name surprised many users, but the functionality has remained largely identical and only little has changed visually. Zepp is an American company that was taken over by Huami, the organization behind Amazfit. It is not yet known whether Amazfit will disappear as a brand in the future and Huami will only rely on Zepp.

To access the Zepp app, which is available for Android and iOS, all you have to do is scan the QR code on the Amazfit GTR 2, which appears when the smartwatch is switched on. Further setup and synchronization are then carried out via the app.

© The  synchronization with the app then only takes place when the app is opened on the smartphone. So you always have to wait until this process is completed after about 20 seconds.

Most of the settings for the clock are hidden in the user profile in the app under the menu item “My Devices” if the Amazfit GTR 2 is selected there. © The y cannot be found intuitively hidden behind several menu levels. © The  clock offers numerous setting options, not only with regard to the frequency of the measurement, because the sensitivity of the activation of the display can also be adjusted and limited to a period of time during the day.

In everyday use, it is noticeable that there are restrictions on notifications. Notifications from YouTube are only issued on the Amazfit GTR 2 with the note “App” – it is not evident that it comes from YouTube. Notifications from WhatsApp remain on the watch even if the messages in the app have already been read. Images in messages from WhatsApp are not displayed in a preview on the smartwatch, but only by a small square pictogram. An interaction that opens it is not possible. Even the reminders of regular exercise that can be activated do not work reliably as one imagines. Because even though you are moving and walking around the whole time, a reminder suddenly appears to get up.

© The  operation of the proprietary operating system via the touchscreen is good, but not buttery smooth. As usual, you can swipe in all four directions from the dial to call up other functions. If you swipe from top to bottom, functions such as brightness, mute and energy-saving mode can be accessed. ©

 The  watch’s battery level is also displayed here. A swipe from bottom to top, however, calls up the latest notifications. If you swipe to the right or left from the dial, the screens for PAI, activity, heart rate, weather, music player and widgets are switched through.

No app store and restrictions in Germany

Anyone familiar with the Apple Watch app offer will not find anything corresponding with the Amazfit GTR 2. © The  Zepp app offers a shop for watch faces, but apps directly on the watch are not supported.

Amazfit also advertises the GTR 2 with an offline voice assistant that can be used to use the watch’s functions without using the touchscreen. In Germany, the function called offline audio voice commands in the app is not available. Other voice assistants cannot be called via the smartwatch either. © The  promised support from Amazon Alexa is still a long time coming. Payment via NFC and a service like Google Pay is also not possible. ©

 The  Amazfit GTR 2 is thus limited to the few functions that it masters upon delivery.

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Amazfit GTR Smartwatch Test


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