Amazon Alexa – sticky note printer goes into production


 The  sticky note printer for Amazon Alexa has achieved its goal and is going into production. After only three days, the 100% pre-orders for the new accessories have been reached. ©

 The  expected start of delivery for the sticky note printer should take place between July and September 2021, according to Amazon.

Sticky note printer for Alexa goes into production

As I reported a few days ago, Amazon has launched a program called Build It, where customers will in the future help decide which devices will appear for or with Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa. It started with three devices: a smart cuckoo clock, a smart nutritional scale and a sticky note printer. ©

 The  Build It program is a kind of crowdfunding, which helps Amazon to assess whether a product will sell.


 The  sticky note printer had already jumped the 20% mark on the first day and then reached the necessary goal of 100% today. ©

 The  note on the page has now changed and shows the note: “This article is being built, thanks to the supporters on Amazon”.

Sticky Note Printer Goal achieved

Amazon specifies the period from July to September 2021 as the delivery date. ©

 The  pre-order price is around $ 90. After March 19th the price for this item will rise again, that is really just a pre-order price!


 The  printer works with thermal technology and therefore requires neither ink nor toner, only the paper rolls have to be refilled. ©

 The  replacement paper rolls will later be available for purchase in blue, pink, white and yellow. With the printer, shopping lists, task lists, reminders and calendar events, Sudoku puzzles, etc. can be printed out via voice command.


 The  other two items are currently around 40% of the pre-orders required. On the one hand, there is the smart cuckoo clock and food scale. ©

 The se two devices are described in more detail in the old post. I am still in good spirits that these two will also achieve the required goal, there are still 27 days left!

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 The re you will find a huge community with which you can exchange ideas on the topic!

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Amazon Alexa sticky note printer production


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