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If the Fire TV Stick no longer works, this could be due to the device itself or to the television. We’ll show you how to solve the problem.

If the Amazon Fire TV Stick refuses to work, this can have several causes. (Source: Amazon)

  • Does the Fire TV Stick not turn on? This can have several causes.
  • With our guide you will approach the solution step by step.


 The  Fire TV Stick just won’t work anymore? ©

 The re can be several reasons for this. We explain below which sources of error you should check and how you can reset the Fire TV Stick to the factory settings in an emergency so that the screen of your TV does not remain black.

If the Fire TV Stick does not start, you should proceed according to the exclusion principle and check the following things:

  • Make sure you are using the correct 5W power supply (output: 5.25V / 1.0A).
  • Checks whether the power supply is properly connected.
  • Checks the outlet that the power adapter is plugged into. If necessary, switch to a different socket and pull out the plugs on both sides of the USB cable and then plug them in again.
  • Also tests whether changing to a different HMDI input on the television solves the problem.
  • Test the Fire TV Stick on a different screen.
With this key combination you reset the Fire TV Stick to factory settings.

With this key combination you reset the Fire TV Stick to factory settings. (Source:

If these steps are unsuccessful, you only have one option: reset the Fire TV Stick to the factory settings. All data and settings will be lost. To do this, press the “right arrow” button and the “back” button on the remote control of the Fire TV Stick simultaneously for at least 10 seconds.

If the factory reset is unsuccessful, there is a high probability that the Fire TV Stick is defective. In this case, you only have an exchange or a new purchase.

We have put together further solutions for common problems with the Fire TV Stick in the linked article.

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