Amazon offers: Sought-after technology bargains with a savings guarantee



 The re are countless new offers to discover at Amazon. You won’t find many of the deals cheaper anywhere at the moment. You shouldn’t miss out on these bargains.

Amazon offers under the microscope.  We'll show you the best deals with savings potential.

Amazon offers under the microscope. We’ll show you the best deals with savings potential.

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     The  hottest deal right now

  2. Lightning Deals

  3. More advantages with Amazon Prime

  4. Shipping

  5. Returns and exchanges

  6. Financing purchases – these options exist

  7. Secure your Amazon VISA card with a EUR 40 starting credit

Amazon currently has many discounts as well as daily and lightning deals ready for you. This makes the online shop the perfect platform for bargain hunters who want to save with the best deals. We show you in the overview which bargains are particularly worthwhile.


 The  hottest deal right now

At Amazon you can secure the Apple Watch SE in the 44-millimeter version at the current low price. ©

 The  smartwatch is currently not available cheaper from any other retailer.

Apple Watch SE 44 Millimeter

to offer

Apple Watch SE 44 Millimeter

  • Integrated GPS

  • Apple Pay

  • Trainingserfassung


 The  Apple Watch SE as a 44-millimeter version is available from Amazon for only 295 euros. A very good offer where you can save almost 15 euros in the price comparison. ©

 The  prices of the other dealers only start from 309 euros. With the exception of Cyberport. ©

 The re you also only pay 295 euros.

To the offer on Amazon ›

Of course, not only the Apple Watch SE has been reduced in price, but also numerous other electronic products. In the following we show you which deals you can still save on.

How do we check whether an Amazon offer is really a bargain? With our offer check, we not only determine how much you save compared to the manufacturer’s recommended retail price, but also how much you save compared to other retailers.

This is usually the more interesting information, as above all articles that have been on the market for a long time are offered well below the recommended retail price. We use the price search engine to compare prices with other retailers

We do not consider every offer listed there, but only consider trustworthy offers. In doing so, we include the inventory, user reviews and the location of the respective retailer in the evaluation.

Lightning Deals

In addition to the daily and special offers, Amazon also has so-called lightning offers. ©

 The se are only valid for a few hours and the number of discounted products is limited. New lightning offers are activated throughout the day every 15 or 30 minutes.

On special days like Black Friday, however, there can also be new lightning offers every five minutes. If you like a product, you put it in your virtual shopping cart. ©

 The n you only have 15 minutes to pay at the checkout.

Below is an overview of the current lightning offers from the entertainment electronics sector. Please note: We have not performed a price comparison here, but rely on the price information from Amazon.

additional offers

More advantages with Amazon Prime

As a Prime subscriber, you not only enjoy free premium shipping and free access to the in-house music and video streaming services at Amazon, but you also have access to lightning offers 30 minutes earlier.

»Subscribe to Amazon Prime now

You can test Amazon Prime for 30 days for free, after which the service costs 69 euros per year or 7.99 euros per month. Students and trainees can currently secure the Prime offer for a full 12 months free of charge. On our overview page we inform you about all the advantages of Amazon Prime.


For non-Prime members, shipping costs are incurred for purchases under 29 euros. Prime customers only have to pay for express delivery. As a non-Prime member, you have to pay these fees:

  • Standard shipping for media products, Amazon devices as well as fashion and sportswear: 2.89 euros
  • Standard shipping for products in all other categories: 3.89 euros
  • Premium shipping for media products, Amazon devices as well as fashion and sportswear: 3.86 euros
  • Premium shipping for products in all other categories: 4.86 euros
  • Same-Day (Evening-Express): 9,74 Euro
  • Shipping for articles without youth approval: 4.87 euros
  • Special shipping for high quality items: Free of charge
  • Standard delivery for large devices: free of charge for deliveries from Monday to Friday
  • Desired delivery time for large devices: Free of charge for deliveries from Monday to Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Returns and exchanges

Amazon has generously extended your right of return or withdrawal. You have until January 31st to return purchased products.

Tip: Always process the return via the Amazon website. For many products you will receive a return slip and can send the goods back free of charge.


 The re is no general right of exchange for an identical product (e.g. clothes in a different size). For some goods you can select “replace” when returning. Often, however, only a return is possible.

Financing purchases – these options exist

Many products such as washing machines, high-quality televisions or notebooks are not cheap to buy. Not everyone can afford these devices with a one-off payment. If you still want to fulfill a long-cherished wish or are dependent on a quick new acquisition, financing is an option.

It is more difficult at Amazon in this regard than at other retailers. On the one hand, the Amazon credit card gives you the opportunity to finance expensive products with monthly payments. Here, however, there are high interest rates of almost 15 percent.

On the other hand, the mail order company offers a partial payment option for some products. Here you can pay for goods in five monthly payments without interest. ©

 The  availability of the 5-month financing is very limited. Usually this is offered with Amazon’s own products. You can also find some of them at other retailers on the platform.

Secure your Amazon VISA card with a EUR 40 starting credit

You can save cash if you secure the VISA credit card from Amazon. As a thank you, you will receive a credit of 40 euros that you can invest in offers. When purchasing with a credit card, you also collect bonus points from Amazon and participating partners, which you can then redeem when making purchases in the Amazon online shop.

At Amazon 12 months free

Prime customers receive two points for every full euro, non-Prime members one point. ©

 The  VISA card is free in the first year and then costs 19.99 euros per year.

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Amazon offers Soughtafter technology bargains savings guarantee


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