Amazon: video surfaced! SO the company could spy on employees


Amazon: Internal video exposed! This is how the group could spy on its employees

Amazon wants to monitor its employees. (Archive image)
Photo: IMAGO / Ralph Lueger / Hans Lucas (Montage: DER WESTEN)

Will Amazon spy on your own employees? © The  deliverers are affected. © The y are supposed to be spied on in the delivery van. An internal Amazon-Video has appeared.

Amazon-Drivers should be observed while working in the future. Initially, only the deliverers in the USA are affected.

Amazon films deliverers

“We recently started installing camera-based security technology in our fleet,” said one Amazon-Speaker. You want to watch the work yourself aloud Amazon Not. © The  procedure only serves the safety of the driver.


 The y also want to avoid accidents. Workers’ rights representatives raged against the “surveillance”. ©

 The y fear massive data collection and a deterioration in working conditions.

Amazon explained that the “security technology” is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and gives real-time warnings to drivers while they are on the road.


This is Amazon:

  • Developed in 1994 in the USA by computer scientist Jezz Bezos as an online bookstore
  • It is now the market leader in online trading
  • In 2019, Amazon had sales of $ 280 billion and profits of $ 11.6 billion
  • Amazon no longer only offers goods, but also various services such as Prime, Pay, Video or Music
  • Founder Bezos is considered the richest person in the world, his fortune is estimated at more than 100 billion dollars


Several studies are said to have shown that accidents can be reduced in this way, according to an internal video. Amazon confirmed the authenticity of the video that US media had first reported.

Nevertheless: ©

 The  cameras are equipped with several lenses. You are filming in several directions – on the Amazon driver and also on the road. But they do not record any sound and do not broadcast “live” either, Amazon assured in the video.

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Amazon: “Stop immediately”

Nobody could intervene like this during the delivery and listen to the messenger. Amazon uses cameras from the manufacturer Netradyne for this “surveillance”. ©

 The  devices collect data on the traffic situation and driver behavior via the AI ​​system. ©

 The n they evaluate them and give the driver appropriate advice.


More about Amazon:



 The  organization “Fight for the Future”, which campaigns for human rights in the digital age, demands: “Stop immediately”. She spoke of a “mobile army of surveillance cameras”. This further worsened the already difficult working conditions at Amazon.

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 The  US Congress must also initiate an extensive investigation into monitoring Amazon employees, the organization demanded. (ldi / afp)

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Amazon video surfaced company spy employees


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