AMD confirms USB errors on B550 and X570 motherboards


For weeks, owners of B550 and X570 mainboards have been annoyed by malfunctions in USB devices such as VR headsets, input devices and external hard drives: the USB connection simply breaks off. Now AMD has officially confirmed the error. We report on the background to the bug – and whether AMD can offer a solution.

On Reddit, AMD has officially confirmed that the B550 and X570 motherboards can break the USB connection under certain conditions. This often happens with VR headsets – the reason here seems to be a very high electrical load on the USB port. © The  connection can also break with peripherals such as keyboards, mice and headsets. © The  same seems to occur with external data carriers.

Certain BIOS / UEFI settings are intended to provide immediate help, for example resetting the BIOS to “default”, reducing the RAM clock rates or installing a different BIOS version. Reddit users have summarized various workarounds for the problem in this post.

This USB problem can only be permanently solved by an error-adjusted BIOS program library, the so-called AMD Generic Encapsulated Software Architecture (AGESA). With an AGESA firmware update, the motherboard manufacturers could then offer corrected BIOS versions for download.

How quickly this solution will be available cannot be estimated. AMD wants to collect data first to get to the bottom of the USB bug. To this end, the manufacturer wants to contact affected users directly:

Over the next few days, some r/Amd users may be contacted directly by an AMD representative (u/AMDOfficial) via Reddit’s PM system with a request for more information.This request may include detailed hardware configurations, steps to reproduce the issue, specific logs, and other system information pertinent to verifying our development efforts. We will provide an update when we have more details to share.

We’ll also stay tuned and keep you posted.

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AMD confirms USB errors B550 X570 motherboards


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