Amsterdam: German family crashes their car into the water – mother is missing


A mother with three children from Germany fell into the water in her car in Amsterdam. While the three children were able to get to safety, the woman is still missing, announced the fire department.
In the search for the mother, a helicopter with a thermal imaging camera was used. A police spokesman gave no information about the age of the children or the place of origin of the family. According to the fire department, it should be about older children.

Around two o’clock on Sunday morning, the car with a German license plate fell into the water in the north of the Dutch canal city near a shipyard for an unknown reason.  The  children could have left the car quickly, as the police spokesman said. That night, three fire brigade diving teams were looking for the woman in the water. ©

 The  car was recovered around 6:30 a.m.
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 The  mirror

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Amsterdam German family crashes car water mother missing


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