An overview of the legendary season from March 2021


Pokémon GO starts the legendary season in March 2021, it brings the legends of the fifth generation in their animal spirit forms as well as other content.

 The  festive season is almost over, after the current Kanto celebration event, the Kanto Raid Day will take place on Sunday (February 28th) to conclude the festival. Of the 1st March not only brings a new month, but redirects 8 o’clock also the legendary season. This lasts until June 1st at 8 a.m. at. ©

 The  change lets other pocket monsters appear, changes the contents of eggs and will have new legendary Pokémon and Mega Evolutions ready.

Animal spirit forms from Gen 5 legends

Niantic has already announced that the animal spirit forms from Boreos, Demeteros and Voltolos will debut in Pokémon GO this time of year. In this context, the Formwandel be introduced as a new mechanism, data miners have already discovered indications of this. In addition, further debuts were explicitly promised: Legendary Pokémon should as well as some Mega developments Find their way into the game – whether the first mega-evolution of a legend will also be celebrating its debut cannot be determined.

New spawns in the wild, changed egg content

Spring attracts other pocket monsters than the cold temperatures of winter, so in the northern hemisphere in the legendary season are among other things the creatures Tangela, Wadribie, Glibunkel, Small, Chelast, Panflam, Plinfa, Sesokitz (spring), Sichlor, Waumboll and Dratini to find. Also appear on bodies of water Mantax and for the first time too Quabbel, in cities, fans can turn on Voltobal and Charmian to meet. Have forests Hoppspross to offer.


 The  southern hemisphere, on the other hand, falls into the capricious grip of autumn and waves along Menki, Combustion, Bamelin, Fleknoil, Serpifeu, Floink, Ottaro, Sesokitz (autumn), Tannza, Child worm and Cast. Eggs also contain new Pokémon, for which the hemispheres share a common list of content. In addition, in the legendary season, it should be evident in the game for the first time which monsters and which rarity are in the bowls, as Dataminer suspect.

  • 2-km eggs: Geckarbor, Flemmli, Hydropi and Knospi
  • 5-km eggs: Trauma, Azurill and dreams
  • 10-km eggs: Nincada and Mamolida

Special research and bonuses


 The  season has one Special research in the luggage, which the trainer can use, among other things Candies for the three legendary Pokémon Boreos, Demeteros and Voltolos. ©

 The  focus on raids is also based on the increased experience points for the graduation from Fighting the fifth level noticeable – the bonus will continue throughout the season. In addition, should always free remote raid passes be distributed. Niantic will announce the further content for March in the course of the week, so far the Community Day is with Dartiri known.

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