Analog sticks of the PS5 controller should only last 400 hours


As Hardwareluxx already reported, the law firm Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith has initiated a class action lawsuit against Sony because of the PlayStation 5 gamepad. © The  reason for this is the so-called drift, in which the character moves without actuating the analog stick.

Now the repair professionals from iFixIt have taken a closer look at the controller of the next-gen console. ©

 The  experts found that the Alps Alpine RKJXV Thumbpointer is also used on the PS5 gamepad. Said analog stick can also be found on the Xbox One as well as the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4. Since the stick has a total life of 2 million cycles, the durability is around 400 hours – at least when extreme maneuvers and inputs are used for certain games. Even if the stated lifespan is only an estimate by iFixit, this could be an indicator that there will be more problems for PS5 owners in the future. ©

 The  sticks are particularly used in first-person shooters.


 The  repair professionals cite the construction of the analog sticks as the cause. Since plastic is used as a material here, it wears out over time if it is used heavily. This has the consequence that the stick does not spring back correctly into its starting position. However, a new zero point and a dead zone can be set using the integrated calibration tool. However, this is only a temporary fix to the problem. As the repair professionals found during their teardown, there were already scratches or foreign particles on the circular metal strips of the electrical resistors, which are responsible for determining the position of the analog stick. As a result, the resistors will wear out significantly over time and will no longer be able to determine the correct position of the analog sticks.

Whether there is actually a bigger problem here and whether the PS5 controllers fail much earlier than expected remains to be seen over the coming months.

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