Andrej Mangold explains: That is why the ex “Bachelor” and Jenny Lange split up


Updated February 23, 2021, 8:17 am

  • It has been almost four months since former TV bachelor Andrej Mangold and his former chosen Jennifer Lange surprisingly announced their separation.
  • Now the 34-year-old speaks about the reasons for the love-out.

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After Andrej Mangold and Jennifer Lange made their separation public in November 2020 after two years of relationship, the fans of the “ The  Bachelor” couple were shocked. Many speculated that the sharp criticism of the couple after their appearance on the TV show “Sommerhaus der Stars” contributed to the end of their love affair.

Now the former RTL Rosenkavalier makes it clear: ©

 The  shit storm after the reality show was just “a drop in the ocean”.

No love comeback with Andrej Mangold and Jenny Lange

In an interview with the Vox boulevard show “Prominent”, Andrej Mangold explains that he and Jenny Lange simply had “different ideas for the future”. “We were just at different points in our lives where she wanted to be a little freer than me – I was already thinking of having a family of my own,” said the 34-year-old.

Will there be a second chance for the couple’s love? No, says Jenny Lange. Andrej Mangold, on the other hand, had apparently still tried to mend the happiness of love. “I’m actually someone, if he likes something or if he feels it, then he fights until he drops. I think I gave everything,” the TV star sums up. “It shouldn’t be.”
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Two months after his separation from Jennifer Lange, “Bachelor” Andrej Mangold is about to make a comeback on the dating scene. ©

 The  34-year-old is still wavering. Because he is still hoping for a love comeback with Jenny.

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Andrej Mangold explains Bachelor Jenny Lange split


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