Andrej Mangold reveals the reason for separation from Jenny Lange


Many fans are sure to ask this question to this day: Why did Andrej Mangold (34) and Jennifer Lange (27) split up? Last November, the ex-Bachelor and his rose winner announced their love-out – a shock for many, after all, even before they took part in the stars’ summer house, they looked overjoyed and like the perfect couple. Many fans suspected that the hate the two got for their behavior on the reality show was the reason for the separation. Now revealed Andrewwhat really was their problem!

In the Vox show Prominent the influencer describes honestly:  The  summer house shitstorm was just a “drop in the ocean.” But then what was the real reason for separation? “Different ideas for the future!”, stresses Andrew. “Me 34, she 27 … […] We were just at different points in our lives where she wanted to be a little freer than me – I was already thinking of having a family of my own. “

Jenny only emphasized a few days ago that a love comeback was impossible for her. Reveals now Andrew: He tried! “I’m actually someone, if he likes something, then he fights to the point of dropping. I think I gave everything – I’m one hundred percent sure: I’ve done everything.” But in the end it was obviously not enough. “It shouldn’t be,” the hottie concludes.

Andrej Mangold, TV-Star
Jennifer Lange, Influencer
Andrej Mangold, Reality-TV-Star

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Andrej Mangold reveals reason separation Jenny Lange


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