Animal Crossing New Horizons: Off to the Island – Escape from Reality with Corona Lockdown


Real life in a corona lockdown can get pretty boring. Fortunately, the island life of Animal Crossing New Horizons exists as a haven.

Hamburg, Germany – It couldn’t have gone any better for Nintendo. First, a terrifying pandemic breaks out of nowhere, which seems to turn our lives upside down.  The n, shortly afterwards, the corporation launches a game that gives us the opportunity to protect ourselves from the dangers of reality into an ideal world in the form of a virtual island to flee. © The  Animal Crossing New Horizons virtual world seems so real Life look pretty pale. But the game is better than that with it reality?

Release (date of first publication) March 20, 2020
Publisher Nintendo
Serie Animal Crossing
platform Nintendo Switch
developer Nintendo
Genre Life simulation

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Better Than Reality?

In times of Corona it seems as if the offer reality nothing really exciting in gray everyday life. Extinct inner cities due to contact restrictions, closed restaurants and shops make for a desolate Life without variety. One looks longingly at various emigrant TV formats in which the brave see a tropical one island pull and leave the annoying everyday stress far behind. For the common man with a Nintendo Switch owned such an exotic outbreak is thanks to the virtual World of Animal Crossing New Horizons very easily possible.


 The  release of Animal Crossing New Horizons couldn’t have been better timed. Probably from a for Nintendo lucky coincidence out the latest appeared Animal Crossing part on time for the first Lockdown in Germany, which came into effect on March 22, 2020 and largely froze public life. Suddenly there were no more going to restaurants or shopping trips with friends. Gatherings of more than two people were banned, leaving the citizen with a feeling of uncertainty and helplessness – and a lot of boredom.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Wellbeing in Reality Through Virtual Play

Animal Crossing New Horizons offers an almost utopian world. ©

 The  player moves to an unknown island and will immediately Island speaker with the right to design the island according to your own wishes. Even the animal inhabitants of the island never seem to be angry with you – although you have hit them with the landing net. In this little one virtual World needs player not a dangerous one Coronavirus to care. ©

 The re is no game over or failure, there are only successes. Of the player shines in this idyllic world of Animal Crossing New Horizons to have full freedom without rules or restrictions.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Island Living Better Than Reality?

© Nintendo

Oxford University scientists found that the game has a positive effect on the wellbeing of the player Has. ©

 The  BBC reported a few months ago. It can therefore be assumed that Animal Crossing New Horizons is highly addictive. For every action, the player With virtual Money or items rewarded. ©

 The  constant sense of achievement makes it difficult to quit and suddenly they start playing virtual Achievements of Island life a bigger role than the boring reality im Lockdown. In addition, the day in Animal Crossing passes in real time. Time flies by in the real Life.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Life in the Virtual World vs Reality

It is up to you whether you go fishing for a long day with a fishing rod or chase butterflies with a landing net. ©

 The  player can do what he wants without stress and demands. In the reality there is nothing you can do during the Lockdowns great thing to do. So there is player to complete his “Faunapädie” and expand the repertoire of the Island-own Museums with new species of fish and insects as well as fossils and various well-known art objects – a bit of culture is also a must.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Island Living Better Than Reality?

© Nintendo

That during the Lockdowns Can’t do anything more is a misconception, however. ©

 The  shops are closed, but you can still go out. If the ceiling falls on your head, you don’t have to go straight into it virtual World of Animal Crossing New Horizons fall. Instead, the real ©

 The  world still has good opportunities to liven up everyday life. Be it a walk in the park, a stroll through the “neglected” city or a real fishing trip on the lake. Of course, it’s more convenient to do things like this from the sofa, but a little fresh air every now and then has never hurt anyone. And that offers Animal Crossing New Horizons as far as I know not yet.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Virtual island fun with realistic activities

Who during the Corona time cultural events, such as concerts and events, in real life mourns, is of Animal Crossing New Horizons not let down. Every Saturday evening there is a concert by the musician KK Slider on the island, who even gives the player a record of the song played for free after his performance. Otherwise, tournaments and special events in the game ensure variety and fun. Just recently, for example, the Carnival was celebrated in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Island Living Better Than Reality?

© Nintendo

Meeting with friends and doing something together is during Corona not so easy to implement. Cafes, bars and restaurants have closed, so you only have your own four walls. And even there, only small gatherings are allowed. player from Animal Crossing New Horizons but have the opportunity to virtual on their Islands to visit – quite casual: Without distance rules and mouth-nose protection regulation. This offers a nice one for friends virtual World in which they can hang out with each other. All you need is one Nintendo Online membership.

Dream of owning a home – island life beats reality

Those who in times of Corona the regular shopping trips might be missing Animal Crossing New Horizons at least give a little comfort. ©

 The re is none there Lockdown with closed shops like in real Life. Here you can shop from morning to evening as much as you can. ©

 The re is in the tailoring and that Island shop all that Player heart desired. ©

 The  real However, the game cannot reproduce feelings, for example from the fabric of the new clothes in the hands. But at least a shopping trip diminishes in Animal Crossing New Horizons the wallet of the reality not with this.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Island Living Better Than Reality?

© Nintendo


 The  dream of owning a home is and often remains in the reality a mere wish. Not so in Animal Crossing New Horizonswhere you can gradually build your own villa starting with a tent. This accumulates player a huge mountain of debt, but it can be easily paid off by selling fish and insects. ©

 The  house and the island can then be spiced up with furnishings and decorations. This creates an individual game world that everyone can design according to their own taste. ©

 The  design of your own Living environment in the reality is certainly more difficult.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Conclusion – Island Life or Reality?

In times of Corona has Animal Crossing New Horizons proved to be an ideal tool in the fight against boredom and could add a little variety to the dated Coronavirus embossed reality bring. If you look at Animal Crossing New Horizons from a social point of view, the game proves to be a real savior. It succeeds in a time of distance Animal Crossing New HorizonsTo create closeness between people.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Island Living Better Than Reality?

© Nintendo

But although that real life seems frozen at the moment, there are actually many activities available to us there. In view of the possibilities we have taken, we must not turn a blind eye to the existing ones. Animal Crossing New Horizons enables a utopian reality. But whether such a virtual World long term against the reality arrives is questionable. Who during the pandemic spent a lot of time on his island can now participate in a psychological study of Animal Crossing New Horizons players for a limited time.

Picture list: © Nintendo

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Animal Crossing Horizons Island Escape Reality Corona Lockdown


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