Animal Crossing: Top 10 Favorite Residents by New Horizons Fans


Animal Crossing New Horizons lives from its animal inhabitants. But these residents especially love the fans. A popular pet dominates the top 10.

  • February 14th will be the day of lovers around the world, the Valentine’s day, celebrated.
  • Whether you are in Animal Crossing New Horizons this year Favorite residents can give a little attention?
  • We’ve got the 10 most popular Animal Crossing New Horizons residents in the Fans listed.

Hamburg, Germany – It won’t be long until the time has come: February 14th is here. And what is celebrated on February 14th? Of course the one Valentine’s day, the day of lovers. This love must not only be withheld from your partner, but can of course also be passed on to friends, parents, siblings or even your neighbors and Residents in Animal Crossing New Horizons be transmitted. We once have the most popular Animal Crossing residents gathered that Fans most desire.

Release (date of first publication) March 20, 2020
Publisher Nintendo
Serie Animal Crossing
platform Nintendo Switch
developer Nintendo
Genre Life simulation

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Die Creme de la Creme der Bewohner

In previous games by Animal Crossing it was customary to give small attentions to its residents Valentine’s day could give. Chocolates in particular were the gift of choice. Whether it’s these little tokens of love in this year too Animal Crossing New Horizons will give is not yet known. But the February update in Animal Crossing New Horizons has a Carnival celebration one day after Valentine’s day For Fans ready. If Fans are not quite sure which one Animal Crossing residents her love on Valentine’s day should show, can be found in the Top 10 most popular residents a target for the attention of Fans.

In 10th place of the most popular residents in Animal Crossing is the cute, colorful and much loved bear Berry. Already since Animal Crossing Wild World accompanied Fans the colorful teddy bear and inspires with its patched-up appearance. Fans rate Berry as one of the cutest residents in Animal Crossing, as does the pink octopus lady Marianne.  The  color of the latter also goes wonderfully with the Valentine’s day, so how about if you pay a little attention to Marianne? After all, it can rank 9 of the Top 10 residents in Animal Crossing heave. On the other hand, the coconut rabbit with the creative name of Koko secured place 8. What is fascinating Fans to Koko? Is it their looks that you can eat or their empty eyes that penetrate your soul?

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Fans love snooty residents

© The  octopuses seem in Animal Crossing to be really very popular, because in 7th place the next one can get a place in the Top 10 of the most popular residents in Animal Crossing New Horizons to back up. Its English name “Zucker” is much more appropriate than the German equivalent “Ottokar” – in our opinion. At least Ottokar is looking zuckersweet, even if it looks like a savory snack. 6th place goes very well with the mostly pink color Valentine’s day, but his facial expressions are usually depicted a bit insidious. We’re talking about the evergreen Jens, who Fans since the very first Animal Crossing ©

 The  game accompanies and inspires.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: ©

 The  10 Most Popular Dwellers of All Time

© Nintendo

5th place again goes to a little bear, or more correctly the bear, the one with her sparkling eyes, probably everyone Fan wraps around the little finger. We are of course talking about none other than Misuzu, who despite her snooty personality to the most popular Animal Crossing New Horizons residents counts. 4th place can be secured by a colorful wolf lady who supposedly got her English name from a Animal Crossing enthusiastic grandma has. We’re talking about Audie, known in German as Katharina. 3rd place, like 5th place, could also be described as snooty, because the white squirrel Huschke is not particularly friendly and sociable.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: ©

 The  Best of the Best

It is slowly getting exciting, because we are approaching place 1 with big steps. Who will it be So much to say: both place 1 and place 2 are occupied by cat residents. So cats are the ones most popular residents in Animal Crossing and let Fan hearts beat faster. After that, however, the bears and octopuses follow directly, with two each having a place in the Top 10 of the most popular Animal Crossing residents could secure. Did you already know that Animal Crossing New Horizons was one of the most popular games in Germany in 2020? Only FIFA was a little more popular.

Angus and Jenny are unfortunately not among the top 10 most popular residents in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

© Nintendo

Anyway, you want to find out who made it to number 2 and 1 on the list, right? We request a drum roll * drum roll *. Second place went to the snooty Egyptian kitty Kleo, while first place went to the self-satisfied, elegant tomcat Gunnar with his iris heterochromy. Apparently they are particularly snooty and complacent Residents both Fans popular. For a better overview we have you the Top 10 of the most popular resident in Animal Crossing New Horizons summarized again. Which one Residents or Resident is your absolute favorite in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

  • Place 10: Berry the Bear
  • 9th place: Marianne the octopus lady
  • 8th place: Koko the rabbit
  • 7th place: Ottokar the octopus
  • Rank 6: Jens the hangover
  • 5th place: Misuzu the she-bear
  • 4th place: Katharina the she-wolf
  • place 3: Huschke the squirrel
  • place 2: Kleo the cat
  • 1st place: Gunnar der Kater

Picture list: © Nintendo

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