Animation shows a clear corona trend in Germany – but there is a problem


Lockdown extension or first easing?  The  federal and state governments are facing a difficult decision today. An animation shows the corona situation in front of the summit.


 The  current measures against the spread of the coronavirus in Germany apply until February 14th. ©

 The  federal and state governments now want to discuss whether the lockdown should be extended. In the run-up to the summit, it was speculated that the new deadline would be mid-March. ©

 The  decision will not be easy for the participants. Although current data show a positive development in important key figures, at the same time some model calculations by scientists do not bode well. t-online summarizes the current corona situation for you before the summit.

In our video above, you can find out how the number of infections and incidences in the German districts have developed over the past few weeks and what the situation is like in the intensive care units. You can find the post too here.

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Animation shows clear corona trend Germany problem


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