Apple may make a magnetic battery for its iPhones


Apple has released a number of MagSafe accessories since the introduction of the iPhone 12 series, including a leather wallet and multiple cases. A new report now claims that Apple makes another MagSafe accessory that is similar to its smart battery cases.

for me BloombergApple is developing a new battery that magnetically connects to the latest iPhones and supports wireless charging. Unlike the Smart Battery cases previously released by Apple, the new MagSafe accessory does not act as a full protective case. Indications of a magnetic battery accessory appeared in a beta version of iOS 14.5, but were later removed.

Apple has reportedly been developing the facility for over a year, with a possible launch in the coming months. Bloomberg According to reports, some prototype battery packs have a white rubber exterior, but it is unclear whether Apple will use this design for the final product.

Apple Smart Batteriestatusbild

It’s not even clear if there will be a finished product. © The  development process has reportedly been slowing down due to issues with software that thinks the battery is too hot. “Apple is also working to fix issues where the customer sometimes switches between using the device on an iPhone with or without a case.” Bloomberg She said. ©

 The se issues can cause Apple to completely cancel the accessory.

Apple should exercise extreme caution with its new MagSafe accessories after the infamous AirPower bug. In 2017, Apple introduced a wireless charging mat and promised to smartly charge Apple Watch, iPhone and AirPods at the same time. However, due to technical challenges, Apple had to cancel the product.

So far, Apple has released a number of MagSafe accessories, including leather cases, wallets, and chargers, including the MagSafe Duo charger, which can be used to charge the iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time. With Apple’s MagSafe battery, the company could compete with similar devices from other accessory manufacturers.

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 The  report also mentioned that Apple would ultimately like to create an ecosystem in which many of its devices support reverse charging. ©

 The  feature was to be expected on the iPhone 12 series, but was later canceled. Unfortunately, the report said the new job some of Apple’s competitors are offering is “unlikely” in the near future.

Outside of the iPhone, MageSafe technology is expected to be used in other Apple products, including the redesigned MacBook Pro and MacBook Airs.

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