Apple Pencil becomes even more powerful with iPadOS 14.5


In the iPadOS 14.5 Beta 2, Apple has activated a function that iPad users longingly awaited with Apple Pencil: This added scribble support for German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Up to now this was only possible in the English and Chinese user languages ​​of the iPad.

Who or what is Scribble?

Apple launched iPadOS 14 in the fall – and one of them is Scribble. This allows you to scribble around in text fields in apps and in the operating system using handwriting – “scribble” means “scribble”.  The  handwritten text is then converted to normal text.

You can also use Scribble for iMessages, but that is pretty exhausting in the long run. Unfortunately, the recognition function is not particularly good, but this also depends on personal handwriting. It worked best for us when a mixture of cursive and block letters is used.

It is not known when the final version of iPadOS 14.5 will appear. ©

 The  second beta has just been released – there are usually four or five pre-release versions before the public version is available. At the current pace, this should be the case around the beginning of spring 2021.

Have you already installed the iPadOS 14.5 beta and tried the scribble function? What do you think of it and when do you use it? Write your experiences in the comments, we are curious.

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