Apple releases macOS Big Sur 11.2.1 and updates for Catalina and Mojave


Apple has released three major operating system updates. You should fix loading problems under macOS Big Sur and on the other hand install a security fix that should eliminate the sudo bug. This came to light last week and can give a normal user – i.e. a non-admin – full access rights – so-called root rights.

This is a massive encroachment on system security – above all because not only a normal office worker who wants to wipe something out from his admin benefits from it, but of course hackers too.

However, the attacker would have had to invest a good portion of brainpower for the attack and also have to deploy malware in order to gain this access.

Apple writes in its release notes that the three operating system updates close this gap and should be installed immediately.

 The  updates for macOS Catalina and macOS Big Sur are also a remedy for further security problems that affect Intel graphics drivers and would have allowed an application to execute arbitrary code with kernel rights.

If you want to update your Mac – software update is the keyword. Make a backup of your computer beforehand so that no data is lost even in the event of an accident.

Do you always install updates straight away or do you wait a few days to make sure that they don’t cause any new problems?

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Apple releases macOS Big Sur updates Catalina Mojave


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