ARD: viewers frustration with “small against large” – “only disaster”


ARD: audience frustration with “small against large” – “a single disaster”

“Small versus large” presenter Kai Pflaume.
Photo: Image: NDR / Thorsten Jander

Kai plum is THE face of ARD. © The  53-year-old not only moderates “Small versus large – the unbelievable duel”, he is also the quiz master on the daily guess show “Who knows something?” ARD to see.

On Saturday evening, the 53-year-old presented another big one ARD-Show – the family program “Small against Big”.

But what should be good entertainment in the evening came across many ARD– Watching in advance for displeasure. © The  audience’s criticism was mainly directed at presenter Kai Pflaume. Some have just had enough of the moderator. But: © The  quotas prove him right.

ARD: “Small versus large” presenter Pflaume in the criticism

In the ARD-Show “Small against Big” kids compete with the big stars in various disciplines. In the new edition on Saturday, presenter Kai Pflaume welcomed entertainer Wigald Boning, professional dog Martin Rütter and actor Jürgen Vogel to a duel.



 The  guests in the ARD show “Small against Big”:

  • Jörg Hartmann
  • Wigald Boning
  • Viktoria Rebensburg
  • Rolando Villazon
  • Martin Rütter
  • Sascha Huber
  • Sven Hannawald
  • Arabella Kiesbauer
  • Emilia Schüle
  • Jürgen Vogel


So it was a fun evening – if it weren’t for Kai Pflaume, at least some ARD viewers thought even before the show had even started. Apparently, some people have a little 53-year-old overload.

So many users on Facebook comment under the show announcement that they don’t like the moderator:

  • “Fortunately there are alternatives. Plum doesn’t work at all “
  • “You have to endure it every day .. an omnipresence that is annoying”
  • “Kai Pflaume and Jörg Pilawa have the first firmly under control”
  • “A more than three-hour long rate show with Kai Pflaume only ran last Saturday”
  • “P&P (Plum & Pilawa), a single disaster in ARD entertainment”
  • “Plum again on Saturday”

In fact, Kai Pflaume, or his colleague Jörg Pilawa, seems to be the first choice on ARD when it comes to the moderation of large primetime programs. Because in addition to “Small versus Big”, Kai Pflaume can also be seen regularly on “Who knows something?”.


More ARD news:


Kai Pflaume can take the criticism calmly – after all, the success at ARD is a sign that he is doing his job well. ©

 The  odds finally prove the 53-year-old right.


This is Kai Pflaume:

  • Kai Pflaume was born on May 27, 1967 in Halle an der Saale
  • In 1991 Kai Pflaume appeared as a candidate on the ARD show “Herzblatt”
  • He started his television career in 1995 with “Only Love Counts”
  • Kai Pflaume has been moderating “Who knows that?”


“Small against big” runs on Saturday at 8.15 p.m. in the first. (kv)

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