Armenian investor Noah Company takes over third division club KFC Uerdingen

Armenian investor Noah Company takes over third division club KFC Uerdingen

Financial problems forced the KFC Uerdingen to initiate bankruptcy in administration.  The y did not give up looking for an investor. © The  search has now been completed successfully.

Third division soccer team KFC Uerdingen has struck gold while looking for a new investor. ©

 The  Noah Company, based in Armenia, is taking over the shares of Mikhail Ponomarew with immediate effect. “I have always promised to support the club to the last and to ensure that a future in the third division is possible,” said Ponomarew.

Ponomarew hopes for a secure future for the KFC Uerdingen

Only recently, the future of the club was extremely threatened. In January, KFC Uerdingen 05 Fußball GmbH, as the operating company of the third division, filed an application to open insolvency proceedings under self-administration. “I am sure that the bankruptcy proceedings initiated in close cooperation with the Noah Company will be successfully completed and that the KFC will continue to play professional football,” said Ponomarew.

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 The  Noah Company also owns the Italian club ACN Siena. “We are incredibly pleased and proud to welcome a traditional club like KFC Uerdingen to our Noah family,” said Noah Company boss Roman Geworkyan: “However, we all know that the club is currently in a difficult position is located. We will try everything to keep the 3rd division and to secure the future of the KFC Uerdingen. If that is successful, we can talk about specific goals. ”

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Armenian investor Noah Company takes division club KFC Uerdingen


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