Astra Zeneca is more effective the longer between vaccinations


According to the developers, at least twelve weeks between the first and second vaccine dose have positive effects on the effectiveness of the vaccine from Astra Zeneca and Oxford University. “As the availability [der Impfstoffe] is limited, the strategy of vaccinating more people with one dose first may result in greater population immunity than vaccinating just half of people with two doses, ”wrote the vaccine’s chief developer, Andrew Pollard, of Oxford University in the journal  The  Lancet.

Conjectures confirmed


 The  results of the latest clinical studies published on Friday with more than 17,000 subjects in the UK, South Africa and Brazil, from which excerpts had previously been published online, underpin the strategy of the British government to plan a longer interval between the first and second vaccine dose – at least for that Astrazeneca vaccine.

With an interval of at least twelve weeks between the first and second dose, the vaccine had an effectiveness of 81 percent. This was only 55 percent if there were only up to six weeks between the two doses.
In Germany, the Standing Vaccination Commission has so far recommended that Astrazeneca give the second dose nine to twelve weeks after the first.

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Astra Zeneca effective longer vaccinations


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