Astrazeneca: 94 percent fewer clinical cases after first vaccination


A new study shows:  The  vaccines from two manufacturers significantly reduce the risk of hospital stays. Ironically, the much-criticized material by Astranzeneca has the edge.

According to a preliminary data analysis, even the first of the two vaccinations with the Astrazeneca preparation can increase the risk of hospitalization Covid-19 probably reduce by up to 94 percent. This comes from an analysis of several Scottish universities and the Public Health Scotland which has been published. ©

 The  vaccine from Biontech and Pfizer reduces the risk of hospitalization with the first dose by around 85 percent.

Almost entire Scottish population studied


 The  values ​​apply to the fourth week after receiving the first dose. It was compared by what percentage fewer hospital admissions there were for those who were vaccinated for the first time than those who had not yet been vaccinated.

For the study, which has not yet been published in a specialist magazine, the scientists used data from 5.4 million people, almost the entire Scottish population. ©

 The  period from December 8th to February 15th was taken into account. During that time, 1.14 million doses of vaccine have been administered in Scotland. More than one in five people in the UK have been vaccinated.

Hospital stays can be reduced


 The se results have shown a substantial effect in reducing the risk of hospitalization from a single dose of vaccine across the Scottish population,” said Jim McMenamin, director of coronavirus at Public Health Scotland, according to the statement.


 The  UK has a vaccination strategy that gives as many people as possible a first vaccination should receive. ©

 The  second dose will not be given for up to twelve weeks. In total, around 17.5 million people in the UK have been vaccinated with a first dose.

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